Spelunky Now has a Xbox Live Arcade Release Date

Four years younger.

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Spelunky will finally be available on your consoles soon. Major Nelson announced Spelunky’s release date in his rundown of what’s coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace soon.

Spelunky is a rogue-like platformer where you only get one life to see how far you can make it down underground. Its a lot of fun and reminds me a bit of Minecraft or Terraria except there’s no real crafting in the game.

The Xbox Live Arcade version will feature improved high definition graphics, new music (which was great to begin with), and a new four person multiplayer mode.

Spelunky Debut Trailer:

You can try the free PC version for yourself here.

I thought the original graphics suited the game perfectly so with it being updated it sort of feels like a completely different game however I am still a fan of the new look too. Play the game its great and I hope it does as well as Minecraft did.

Spelunky will be available on the 4th July.

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