World of Warcraft: Children’s Week Guide (2012)

Children are the future after all.

This a guide for the currently ongoing Children’s Week event. The Children’s Week achievements and the meta achievement “For The Children” are part of the “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement which requires players to complete all event achievements in World of Warcraft. If you manage this you will get a “Violet Proto-Drake” mount.

The Children’s Week event runs from 29th April to 5th May 2012.


Use Ctrl+F and then type in for example [EXA] to see more information about the various foods required for the Bad Example achievement.

  • Home Alone [ALO]
  • Bad Example [EXA]
  • Daily Chores [CHO]
  • Aw, Isn’t It Cute? [CUT]
  • Hail To The King, Baby [BAB]
  • School of Hard Knocks [KNO]
  • Veteran Nanny (optional) [NAN]
  • Rewards [REW]

Home Alone [ALO]

This is easy. Just use your hearthstone while your orphan is out and you will get the achievement.

Bad Example [EXA]

To do this achievement you need to have your orphan out while you eat the various food below.

Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream:

Stormwind and Orgrimmar Children’s Week vendors Emmithue Smails (Alliance) and Alowicious Czervik (Horde) sell this ice cream in these trade districts.

In Outland you can purchase the ice cream from your faction innkeeper in Nagrand.

At the Shimmering Flats racetrack in Thousand Needles, Brivelthwerp sell the ice cream from a boat.
Horde zeppelins also sell ice cream.

Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Brownie, Dalaran Doughnut and Lovely Cake:

These food items are sold by Aimee in Dalaran, located outside the city’s north bank (Horde side).

Tasty Cupcake:

Created by 350 cooking skill or in the Auction House. Requires two “Simple Flour” and one “Northern Egg”.

Delicious Chocolate Cake:

The recipe is a random reward from cooking dailies or a cake can be bought in the Auction House. Requires 1 cooking skill and 8 “Simple Flour”, 4 “Ice Cold Milk”, 4 “Mild Spices”, 8 “Small Eggs”, 1 “Flask of Port” and 3 “Mageroyal”.

Daily Chores [CHO]

Just do 5 daily quests and make sure you have your orphan out as you hand them in to get the achievement

Aw, Isn’t It Cute? [CUT]

The Azeroth, Outland and Northrend Children’s Week quest lines will all reward you with a choice of pets when completed then just learn one

You can get more than one Children’s Week pet each year.

Azeroth quests:

Done in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar City = Cathedral Square, Stormwind City and Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar.

Choose from “Piglet’s Collar”, the “Rat Cage”, the “Turtle Box”, and the “Snail Shell”.

Outland quests:

Done in Shattrath City = Lower City, Shattrath City.

“Elekk Training Collar”, “Egbert’s Egg”, “Sleepy Willy”, and “Legs”.

Northrend quests

Done in Dalaran = The Eventide, Dalaran.

The “Curious Wolvar Pup” and “Curious Oracle Hatchling”.

Hail To The King, Baby [BAB]

If you are level 85 then you can solo this all you have to do is kill Ymiron on normal or heroic in Utgarde Pinnacle with your orphan out. If you are at lower levels get some friends together or use the dungeon finder.

School of Hard Knocks [KNO]

Can pretty hard to do this one or very easy depend how you play and if you get lucky either way just get a group together or keep trying is the only advice you need.

School of Hard Knocks requires you to return a Warsong Gulch flag, assault a flag in Arathi Basin, assault a tower in Alterac Valley, and cap a flag in Eye of the Storm while you have your orphan out. Be ready to see some odd and quite hilarious battlegrounds while this event runs.

Veteran Nanny (optional) [NAN]

Not required for the meta but players with two of the three Outland Children’s Week pets can get this achievement by getting a third pet they havent already got from previous years.

Rewards [REW]

Complete the meta achievement “For The Children” to gain the title “Matron” (Female) or the title “Patron” (Male) and some easy achievement points.

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