Dungeon Defenders Patch 7.30 is Available

Patching the dungeons.

Dungeon Defenders has been updated recently with some exciting new additions such as the “DLC: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 3: Aquanos”, being able to reach “Level Cap to 84”, “more Item Box spaces” and many more improvements to the game.

Version 7.30 was released on 26th April.

Definitely some more exciting Dungeon Defenders related things to look forward to in the future.

The path will download automatically if you have the Dungeon Defenders installed on Steam. I am unsure whether the console versions have also been updated.

Patch 7.30:


  • Added Premium DLC: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 3: Aquanos.
  • Raised Level Cap to 83, and added hyper-rare ‘Supreme’ item quality categorization.
  • Added support for four slots of Accessory-type Items & Masks, and added 62 Accessory/Mask loot drops, of varying degrees of rarity and difficulty to achieve.
  • Added Transcendent Survivalist Achievement + Jetpacking Bounty Hunter Costume.
  • Raised Bank soft cap / maximum shop sale amount to 600,000,000 Mana.
  • Added 40 more Item Box spaces, 50 more Player Shop Item spaces, and 20 more Items allowed on Tavern Floor.
  • Added Halloween and Battle Royale loot drops to general drops (can drop on any mission), once you’ve beaten Halloween and Battle Royale respectively (on any difficulty).
  • Added Option to disable targeting cursor for Melee Heroes.


  • Made Shock Beam able to trigger on Flying Enemies, and thus Shock them.
  • Barbarian Lightning Stance and Shock Beam now shock Djinn and cancel their spells.
  • Barbarian Hawk Stance self-stun time cut by 50%, Hawk Stance damage increased by 25%, Lightning Stacne Self-Damage reduced by 25% and Stun Time increased by 15%.
  • Spiders can now be shock-stunned (also causing them to cancel web attack) by Lightning Stance and Shock Beams.
  • Enemies within Strength Drain Auras lose their own Elemental Damage and their Elemental Invulnerability when within the Aura, Strength Drain Aura in-game description updated accordingly.
  • Rebalanced all Nightmare Campaign & UMF Missions to contain Sharken.
  • Reduced the number of enemies on Survival Waves to about Mistymire Forest levels on ALL maps.
  • Buffed Monk Electric Aura by 50% in Nightmare.
  • Pets are now hidden if you hide your weapon in FPV.
  • Series Ev Proton Charge Blast now immediately consumes Mana that you drop.
  • Spaces and Brackets are now allowed in Hero names from all menus (main menu and renaming).
  • 10% Linear and 8% Exponential-Ramp Damage Buff to Apprentice Lightning Tower.
  • ALL Mythical+ Pets now incorporate Hero Damage into their Damage calculation — Donkey and a few others previously weren’t.
  • Added message to Player Shop UI to help make it clear that AFK Shop Mode is required to have a permanently accessible Player Shop: “Note: Your shop will be inaccessible after 15 Minutes unless you enable AFK Shop Mode”.
  • Sitting in the Tavern for 1 hour now automatically converts your game to AFK Shop Mode (changes back to a non-AFKShop game if you enter any mission).
  • Enemies lose their invincibility from immunity circles after 10 seconds, and Ogres de-spawn after 6 minutes.


  • Fixed a Trade Failure bug.
  • Fixed extra Guardian-type stats appearing on Guardians.
  • Fixed bug that would cause UI input to lock up in Tavern (and on other UI’s potentially) if you pressed Escape key very quickly as the Mission Setup Menu was opening.
  • Added Summoner functionality hooks.
  • Fixed THE Return To Tavern / Restart Level Crash.
  • Fixed Djinn Spawn timings on Tree of Life MonsterFest, now they won’t wait so long to arrive.
  • Fixed an invincible Skeleton case.

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