Tribes: Ascend Version 1.0.942.1, 1.0.961.0 and 1.0.980.1 Patch Notes

Shazbot many update.

Tribes: Ascend has been updated with several major updates such as new maps, weapons, and much more.

I haven’t played Tribes: Ascend since closed beta because it keeps crashing now but the game seems to be getting better as time goes on. It be interesting to see what it looks like in a years time.

Tribes: Ascend Version 1.0.942.1:

Weapon/Balance Items

  • Increased damage on Brute’s Heavy Spinfusor by roughly 7%.
  • Modified the Pathfinder’s Light Assault Rifle so that it has an increased projectile speed and fall-off begins at a greater distance (buffed). Projectile speed now matches that of the Soldier’s Assault Rifle.
  • Reduced the collision size of Raider’s Plasma Gun projectile by roughly 40%. The weapon’s damage and rate of fire remain the same.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that impacted the ability of the Shrike to fly vertically.
  • Fixed an issue in which the First Win of the Day bonus was not being awarded in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from deploying deployables.
  • Recently earned badges are now shown correctly on the profile page.
  • Several bug fixes and cleanups on the menu UI.

Tribes: Ascend Version 1.0.961.0:

Major Highlights

  • A new CTF map has been added, Tartarus.
  • A new Arena map has been added,  Hinterlands.
  • Users may now configure up to four pre-established loadouts per class. These can be used to more quickly switch between favored configurations for each class. Loadout slots are purchasable using XP or Gold.
  • Users may now QUICK SWITCH between classes and loadouts while in a match using the “NUMPAD ENTER” key (default). This is an alternate way to change classes/loadouts versus using the Class Select menu (“I” Screen) that does not require you to open the game menu and is much faster.
  • Users will now be presented with a customized “DEAL OF THE DAY.” This is a deal tailored to the individual and presents special pricing on an item that the user does not already own. The timer for the deal of the day resets at the same time as the timer for the First Win of the Day.
  • The gold packages have been changed. The $30 and $50 packages now give significantly more bonus gold than previous, but do not include an XP booster. Users continue to earn permanent VIP status (which increases XP gain by 50% after their first real-money purchase).
  • IMPORTANT USABILITY NOTE: With this release, you always close the console window using the ESCAPE key. You can no longer close the console window using the same key that launches the console (default “tilde”).  This is necessary to solve issues when people rebind that key, as well as on some countries’ keyboard layouts.

Weapon/Balance Items

  • Shrike price reduced on public servers to 4000.
  • Beowulf price reduced on public servers to 2500.
  • Gravcycle price reduced on public servers to 500.
  • Reduced the amount of knockback the flag receives from explosions in air (reducing punting).

New Accolades have been added:

  • Investor: Earned every 2 minutes that a Base Radar or Generator that you upgraded remains online.
  • Turret Support: Earned if a Base Turret you upgraded gets a kill.
  • Hot Air: Earned for getting a mid-air kill with the Plasma Gun. (Replaces Air-Mail).
  • An exit speed cap of 200kph has been added to the Shrike.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Pathfinder’s Thrust Pack could sometimes not correctly thrust the player.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Pathfinder’s Light Assault Rifle was not always firing three rounds.

Tribes: Ascend Version 1.0.980.1:

Major Highlights

  • Three new weapons have been added to the Brute class.
  • A “Watch Now” option has been added to the main menu. From this menu, you can view Featured Live Streams of Tribes from TwitchTV, as well as watch Featured YouTube Videos from Hi-Rez and the Community.
  • Players that have an active booster will be awarded 1,200 XP daily (at approximately 10:00 GMT). This is on top of your booster’s regular rewards.

Weapon/Balance Items

Added 3 new weapons for the Brute class:

  • The Gladiator fires a charged round that sticks to walls and releases multiple shockwaves. Detonates instantly in a focused blast if it hits an enemy.
  • The Plasma Cannon is the big brother to the Plasma Gun, firing balls of energy that explode on contact.
    The Survival Pack increases maximum energy pool by 15, and can be modified for extra health and run speed, and energy regeneration.
  • The Rage Perk now grants 35% mass reduction against knockback while the player is enraged. (More powerful disk jumping).
  • Increased the distance from the flag the Rage Perk will activate by 33%.
  • Added an invulnerability timer to vehicle spawns, 2.25s from the time the vehicle spawns in.
  • Reduced collision size on Raider’s Plasma Gun projectile by roughly 12%.
  • Reduced damage on Infiltrator’s Jackal by roughly 4%.
  • Increased damage on Soldier’s Proximity Grenade by roughly 3%.

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