Twelve Dungeon Defenders: Halloween Spooktacular Images and Easter Eggs

Celebrate Halloween in a cosy Tavern.

I have put together a few pictures of the Halloween themed tavern which has changed it’s appearance because of the Dungeon Defenders Halloween Spooktacular event which has now started.

The Tavern before the event had lots of extra fluff worth finding out but now there even more Halloween themed easter eggs, such as raining and thunder outside, ghosts, a pirate Tavern keeper and loads of Halloween themed snack and decorations throughout the interior.

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Look below to see more pictures of the spooky Tavern.

Free cookies!
New creepy paintings.
Rain leaking through.
Shiny disco balls!
More creepy paintings.
Those candles are amazing.
Don't ever trust the Tavern keeper.
Scare crow training dummies.
Fog machines.

I hoped you enjoyed my tour of the Halloween themed Tavern.

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