Dungeon Defenders: Halloween Spooktacular has Started [Updated]

To celebrate Halloween Trendy Entertainment has started the Dungeon Defenders Halloween Spooktacular event which offers two free Halloween inspired DLC packs and a patch which makes various Halloween themed changes to the Tavern.

At the moment only the Halloween themed Tavern is available because the DLC packs haven’t been released just yet.

Update! The DLC packs are now free and available on Steam.

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Dungeon Defenders Halloween DLC Packs:

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Mission DLC Pack

  • One new Halloween themed mission.
  • Eight exclusive Halloween weapons.
  • Four ultra-rare, character skins (Ninja, Vampire, Death Knight and Angel).

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Costume DLC Pack

  • Monk = Devil.
  • Apprentice = Mummy.
  • Squire = Pirate.
  • Huntress = Witch.

The event lasts from now until 9th November.