Minecraft Update 1.8 Trailer

Heres the new trailer for the upcoming Beta 1.8 update for Minecraft.

Read more to find out what will be in the update.

Update 1.8 is the Adventure update and will include:

  • NPC villages
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • New biomes
  • Fully working Creative Mode
  • Critical hits
  • Sprinting
  • More farming
  • New mobs such as the Endermen who can teleport
  • New food system

I havent played Minecraft for a while, mainly because there hasn’t been any major updates in ages like when they added the Nether. This latest update will likely make want to play Minecraft again.

4 thoughts on “Minecraft Update 1.8 Trailer

  1. I haven’t played Minecraft in a while, too, but I started again recently. This update is going to make me wanna play even more!

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