Sky Dimension Screenshots and Patch 1.6 Coming Out Next Week

Never be lost again.

Notch announced on Twitter that patch 1.6 will be coming to the Minecraft next week. The patch was mostly a bug fixing update that would include only one new feature the in-game map system. It was later confirmed that a fully functional Nether in multiplayer was being worked on and lots more such as hatches.

In other Minecraft news a new “sky dimension” is being worked on. The new dimension is a series of floating islands. While this was probably just an experiment, Notch has since decided to finish it.

Continue reading to see some screenshots and find out more.

Not much is known about the new sky dimension or when it will be in Minecraft, but here’s some screenshots.

These screenshots remind me of the Chocobo paradise from Final Fantasy IX. I’m going to guess these lands are going to feature dragons.

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