Minecraft Survival Diary, Day #2/4: All Aboard!

Hello I am King Toko and welcome to my Minecraft Diary. With the popularity of Minecraft and because I only just bought the game recently, I thought it be fun to do a regular diary based on my on going adventures and tribulations in the randomly created world I decided to call Avalon. I chose this name for no obvious reason just randomly.

My diary days will be based on Minecraft’s in-game days and I will try to keep the writing to a minimum, to keep up the pace.

Other important information; I am playing alone and on the hardest difficulty. If I die that’s it, game over and the world gets nuked. Also im not using any texture packs, skins or mods so the game will be played how intended, untouched.

One final note I’m no Minecraft veteran but I know enough.

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Day 2/4

I continue to dig into my mountain fort, with no luck in finding coal.

After reaching ground level and breaking the walls now and again I decide that the space is too narrow to be any good for setting up a base.

I abandon the mountain fort.

I look at it from the outside, I don’t know what I was thinking before, building inside the first place I see.

I decide to go looking for pig meat (pork) and coal. Theres a pig!

Don’t worry the pig died from wood splinters with my help.

I’ll take that meat thank you. That will do for now.

“Where’s some coal?” Looking for coal is turning into a harder quest than the one for the holy grail.

It starts to get dark again.

Instead of making some shelter I decide to make a boat out of wood, seeing as I’m near water. This should keep me safe.

“All aboard!”

Plenty of zombies over there.

“Keep away you brain eater!”

“Who’s laughing now?”

Just my luck this lake doesn’t go anywhere and contains nothing interesting. Boo!

I guess the zombie got the last laugh.

I will abandon my boat at day break.

I have survived my second day.

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