Minecraft Survival Diary, Day #1/4: Welcome to Avalon

Hello I am King Toko and welcome to my Minecraft Diary. With the popularity of Minecraft and because I only just bought the game recently, I thought it be fun to do a regular diary based on my on going adventures and tribulations in the randomly created world I decided to call Avalon. I chose this name for no obvious reason just randomly.

My diary days will be based on Minecraft’s in-game days and I will try to keep the writing to a minimum, to keep up the pace.

Other important information; I am playing alone and on the hardest difficulty. If I die that’s it, game over and the world gets nuked. Also im not using any texture packs, skins or mods so the game will be played how intended, untouched.

One final note I’m no Minecraft veteran but I know enough.

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Day 1/4

I arrive in Avalon. I have no food or tools, my clothes are ruined and I have no clue how I got here.

I notice lots of sand and grassy rolling hills all around. I see two mountains close to where I spawned (the ones in the picture above) and without exploring, I decide this is where I will create my first base of operations. The tall tower like mountain on the right I decide would make a food natural fort.

I get some pumpkins which are growing in the sand, for no good reason. I remember the first thing I should do is look for some trees.

A grassy area nearby has plenty of normal trees and a few birch trees, it also has a few animals around which I decide to kill while I cut some trees.

While cutting lots of trees and wood, plenty of saplings drop. These might come in handy later. None of the pigs drop any food.

I notice that if you cut all the wood the leaves die out slowly by themselves and drop saplings too. This is good as it means I won’t have to do it myself and it stops the landscape having lots of floating green clouds, which look weird.

Wow magical.

it starts to get a bit dark and I lose a heart somehow, so I decide it be a good idea to head back with the resources I gathered.

I carefully climb the side of the mountain, using soil bricks if necessary.

I see the creepers coming out to play, luckily I reach the top and I am safe from any possible attack.

I make a work bench by putting four blanks of wood in a square.

Now time to start Minecrafting!

I make a wooden sword, pick axe, shovel and trowel. While I’m at the work bench I make plenty of ladders out of sticks. These will allow me to reach the top again while I dig down the mountain.

I destroy my work bench, so I can bring it with me.

I dig from the top of the mountain, working my way down, hoping to find coal and other minerals.

When I think I’m near the middle or bottom I will make a chamber, which I can live in.

I look up and use the entrance I made to see if its dark or not. I put some ladders along the wall I dug out, in case I need to make my way out again quickly.

Not long later it starts to get brighter again.

I lose three hearts without noticing.

I lose two more hearts while I’m digging as a spider somehow manages to hit me through the walls. I start to panic a bit, knowing that I have no food and if I die that’s it.

Day time arrives.

I have survived my first day.

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