The Witcher 2 Endings

CD Projekt has said The Witcher 2 will have quite a few more endings than the original game.

There’s 16 endings to be exact.

While multiple endings may not be a new idea, here are some other Witcher 2 numbers to expect:

  • There are three different openings.
  • It has 256 cut-scenes (150 minutes’ worth) where as the original had 130 (53 minutes’ worth).
  • The sequel has over 30 types of armor compared to only five in The Witcher.
  • An extra magic sign has been added.
  • There are only four load screens compared to 700 in the original.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is slated for 2011 on PC. I wont be surprised if a console version gets released eventually.

From Eurogamer