The Witcher 2 Endings

CD Projekt has said The Witcher 2 will have quite a few more endings than the original game.

There’s 16 endings to be exact.

While multiple endings may not be a new idea, here are some other Witcher 2 numbers to expect:

  • There are three different openings.
  • It has 256 cut-scenes (150 minutes’ worth) where as the original had 130 (53 minutes’ worth).
  • The sequel has over 30 types of armor compared to only five in The Witcher.
  • An extra magic sign has been added.
  • There are only four load screens compared to 700 in the original.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is slated for 2011 on PC. I wont be surprised if a console version gets released eventually.

From Eurogamer

PES 11 Demo Date

Konami has dated the PES 2011 demo for September 15 on PC and PS3, with PS+ subscribers getting it a week earlier on September 8.  No Xbox 360 demo has been mentioned yet.

During the demo you can take on the computer or a friend as either Barcelona, Bayern, Chivas Guadalajara or Internacional.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is released on October 8.

Hopefully these is the year PES kicks FIFA as the best football game. Its been a long time since they were the best and they still should be.