Japan’s Best-Selling Video Games of 2011

Mario Kart 7 is number one in more ways than one.

Media Create the video games retail sales tracker has published the best-selling video games in Japan for 2011. I would say that Nintendo software and hardware won 2011 overall.

Its interesting that the Sony PSP Go sold 15,563 units in 2011 while its only managed to sell 175,986 units overall. Compared to the Sony PSP which has sold 2,063,609 units in 2011 and sold 8,553,397 units overall.

Why they even bother making a PSP without a UMD slot? what where they thinking? Did they think there customers wont mind buying the same game twice?

Read more to see the Japan’s top 10 games sold in 2011 and top 10 hardware sales in 2011.

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Cave Story 3D Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Its 2D but in 3D!

The classic Cave Story will be coming to the Nintendo 3Ds as Cave Story 3D (the title originality is mind blowing). It will arrive on the 9th August in America and sometime in September in Europe. The only problem I can find with releasing this game is that you can already play better versions of the game for free on PC, PSP and DS and you can also get it on WiiWare. Making a so called 3D version seems more of a cash in to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS, 3D gimmick than anything else. Anyway judge for yourself when the game finally gets released.

Continue reading to see more screenshots.

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Information about Sony’s new God controller “NGP” (PSP2) which will let you look cool and beat up your friends for points and trophies apparently and more

Now you can play basketball with the universe...

Sony has recently revealed that it is releasing a new PSP. It’s currently called the “Next Generation Portable.” The name reminds me of the Neo Geo Pocket.

The NGP (PSP2) will feature PS3 like visuals therefore basically PS2.5 visulas but bright and colourful to hide this fact. The fact is the original PSP was always thought of having PS2 type visuals but again the technology only gave that impression more than anything else (it was more like PS1.5). For example Metal Gear Solid 2 wouldn’t be playable on an original PSP which is why the PSP Metal Gear Solid games where good but not comparable. Using that same analogy MGS4 wont be the same on a PSP2 as it is on a PS3 whatever they might lead you to believe.

Tell me about... actually don't bother.

Other PSP2 features include two analog sticks (about time, PSP3 will have three) a touch screen, a back that is touch sensitive, two cameras and much more.

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The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve) Features

Getting a well-earned rest when the worlds about to end.

The 3rd Birthday is a PSP game by Square Enix. It was originally released for Japanese mobile phones. It is a sequel to Parasite Eve with Aya fighting a monster infestation in New York.

This game stands out from other PSP games because of its visuals which look great on the PSP. And it reminds me of the original games.

A unique feature in the game is the ability to see Aya’s clothes get ruined and see her skin get bloodied. This happens when she takes damage. At the moment I am not sure if this makes the game more or less realistic. Either way it makes the game different and visual interesting and you can see her bum in more detail, after all your going to be seeing her back a lot.

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