Information about Sony’s new God controller “NGP” (PSP2) which will let you look cool and beat up your friends for points and trophies apparently and more

Now you can play basketball with the universe...

Sony has recently revealed that it is releasing a new PSP. It’s currently called the “Next Generation Portable.” The name reminds me of the Neo Geo Pocket.

The NGP (PSP2) will feature PS3 like visuals therefore basically PS2.5 visulas but bright and colourful to hide this fact. The fact is the original PSP was always thought of having PS2 type visuals but again the technology only gave that impression more than anything else (it was more like PS1.5). For example Metal Gear Solid 2 wouldn’t be playable on an original PSP which is why the PSP Metal Gear Solid games where good but not comparable. Using that same analogy MGS4 wont be the same on a PSP2 as it is on a PS3 whatever they might lead you to believe.

Tell me about... actually don't bother.

Other PSP2 features include two analog sticks (about time, PSP3 will have three) a touch screen, a back that is touch sensitive, two cameras and much more.

If any one has seen the trailer they spooned out recently (I won’t link it) its pretty embarrassing. It revolves around a group of friends who battle each other in the real world for virtual kudos (points and trophies). The asian kid throws a basketball to the white kid but a black girl makes it bigger before it reaches him so the asian kid turns the ball into lots of little balls afterwards to protect him… Later the asian kid gets hit and thrown about the bus like he’s possessed while points and combos appear (I never knew combos would be applicable in real world scenarios and not just fight games, silly me) then some white girl appears she does something and then disappears. It’s so cheesy and predictable. Finally they all get thrills like their Xbox avatars and it ends. The main problem with this trailer is that its being aimed at children, I thought Sony normally aim for the mature crowd.

Ever wanted to get trophies and points for beating up strangers in real life? Nows your chance, you weirdo.

I have always been a fan of Sony (all the developers in fact) but you got to ask what are they doing? Why a second analogue stick now? Why don’t they support homebrew instead of making it more underground? Why so many PSP versions with no real improvements? Why are they always several steps behind Nintendo and why don’t they just turn the PSP into a phone and still keep all the stuff that makes the PSP good?

Get a life more like (too easy).

If anyone has any thoughts or can answer these questions let me know.

These opinions are my own and not meant to cause offence to the easily offended, as you where.