The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve) Features

Getting a well-earned rest when the worlds about to end.

The 3rd Birthday is a PSP game by Square Enix. It was originally released for Japanese mobile phones. It is a sequel to Parasite Eve with Aya fighting a monster infestation in New York.

This game stands out from other PSP games because of its visuals which look great on the PSP. And it reminds me of the original games.

A unique feature in the game is the ability to see Aya’s clothes get ruined and see her skin get bloodied. This happens when she takes damage. At the moment I am not sure if this makes the game more or less realistic. Either way it makes the game different and visual interesting and you can see her bum in more detail, after all your going to be seeing her back a lot.

"Stop looking down my top and help me!"

Another interesting feature is the Overdrive ability, this allows Aya to jump and posses allies or enemies. If you posses a friendly target you can use their abilities but when you use it on an enemy you will have an option to kill them instead.

Not many games use this Matrix style mechanic. The best example I can think of is the Matrix films, Ape Odyssey series and the game called Messiah which you played as a baby. It’s a good but under used system in games. It’s a lot of fun and allows the use of different strategies and more variety.

Duck, Cover and Shoot...

The 3rd Birthday is one of the game I’m looking forward to getting on the PSP. There don’t seem to many big games for Sony’s portable console these days which is worrying when compared to its competitors.

The 3rd Birthday should be out sometime in early 2011.