GOTM: January 2023 – Hitman: World of Assassination

The non-threatening neck inspector is here.

Game of the Month (GOTM) is my monthly post where I highlight my favourite video game of the month. This was usually done on Twitter, but I have decided to write longer posts about each video game on my site. These posts will determine my Game of the Year (GOTY) at the end of the year. The same rules apply to GOTM as it does when writing my GOTY.

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Hitman: Freelancer Tips, Tricks, and Guide [Update 2!]

It turns out Agent 47 is secretly a poor serial killer.

I recently completed the new rogue-like campaign mode in Hitman: World of Assassination (WoA). It is called Freelancer and tasks Agent 47 with becoming a roaming vigilante, taking down Syndicates and buying weapons from strangers. So I have put together some tips, tricks, and a little beginner guide. I have also included images for clarity.

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Entertainment Out This Week: Hitman The Complete First Season Edition (30/01/17)

Everyone should play Hitman. It's such a great game.
Everyone should play Hitman. It’s such a great game.

All the new entertainment (Games, Music, DVDs and Blu-Ray) that will be out and available this week (30/01/17 to 03/02/17) in most stores near you (England).

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The Best Video Games for 2016 and Other Awards

The golden face of video games 2016.

It is still quite early in the year but I have finally got around to doing my awards for the best games of 2016. I have put together a list of the best PC, Xbox One, and Android games for 2016. As these are my choices you will likely be surprised by the results.

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