Hitman: Freelancer Tips, Tricks, and Guide [Update 2!]

It turns out Agent 47 is secretly a poor serial killer.

I recently completed the new rogue-like campaign mode in Hitman: World of Assassination (WoA). It is called Freelancer and tasks Agent 47 with becoming a roaming vigilante, taking down Syndicates and buying weapons from strangers. So I have put together some tips, tricks, and a little beginner guide. I have also included images for clarity.


    1. Tips and Tricks
    2. Safehouse Locations
    3. Syndicate Types
    4. Location Intel
    5. Points of Interest
    6. Updates

Tips and Tricks

  1. The goal of Freelancer is to defeat Syndicate Members and Leaders.
  2. There are four Syndicates Contracts to defeat in a Campaign. After eliminating a Syndicate Leader you choose another Syndicate to take down.
  3. You have a Safehouse where you can plan missions at.
  4. When Wounded you will lose all the Inventory you took to a mission and arrive in the Infirmary.
  5. If you fail a Campaign you lose all your Freelancer items.
  6. If you fail a Campaign or mission you lose half of your Merces.
  7. If you fail a Hardcore Campaign you lose all your Merces.
  8. Rewards are better in a Hardcore Campaign.
  9. Items in your Gear Arsenal stay until lost in a mission.
  10. You are rewarded 30,000 Merces for completing a campaign.
  11. Dropping items in the Safehouse will return them to their original location.
  12. Collector items are special Freelancer Tools that go in your Armory.
  13. Drop previously fished items on the ground to get other items while fishing.
  14. You can fish for: a fishing line, starfish, driftwood, rusty crowbar, and fish.
  15. Completing a Campaign carries over all your Freelancer items.
  16. Selecting depart in the Bunker will randomly select a vehicle from the ones unlocked and available. Even if you don’t have the Delux DLC.
  17. If you think you can’t complete a non-Harcore mission or are likely to die, you can leave anytime. It will count as a loss, but you won’t lose your Inventory.
  18. You can use the banana to trip NPCs such as the Couriers. Place it on the floor, and they will slip on it.
  19. Mastery levels unlock new items and locations in the Safehouse. Such as a Garage or the Outside.
  20. Mastery levels also unlock customisation options for the Safehouse such as different vehicles or new paintings for the walls.
  21. You can plan for the Showdown mission as it is the last Location you haven’t been to yet.
  22. You can expand your Gear Arsenal of items and weapons by buying items from Suppliers, stealing items in Locations, and receiving items from the Supply and Reward Crate in the Safehouse.
  23. Generally, it is best to avoid Couriers as the Merces they provide are generally not worth the risk of failing a mission or campaign to obtain.
  24. Knowledge of maps will help immensely on missions. It may be helpful to familiarise yourself with all locations beforehand. This isn’t essential, except it will be an advantage.
  25. Locations on the map can be discovered even if not already revealed.
  26. Targets could be any NPC on the map. You might get an NPC that never moves and stays fishing all day. Therefore you will have to be prepared for this. They may even move to places and use an item to drink and eat from that can’t be poisoned.
  27. You can’t save during a mission, but you can pause to examine your Map, Intel and Inventory.
  28. Stashes don’t show on your map in missions. However, they show on your minimap and make a noise when you are near them.
  29. Stashes have a chance to have three items or one weapon with rarity. They may also contain Merces.
  30. Using Instinct vision in the game is important and even more in the Freelancer mode
  31. After a mission, all items in Safehouse Locations come back, such as the newspaper in the bathroom.
  32. Make sure to narrow Suspects in Showdown missions by using your Suspect Camera. Use it to mark and discard Subjects. It can also take a picture which will allow you to take a good look at a Suspect.
  33. In Showdown missions, Targets are escorted by Assassins who carry silenced weapons. Assassins can kill you very quickly.
  34. Scouts in Showdown missions wander around. They will alert the Suspects if they spot you.
  35. Suspects in Showdown missions carry items and Burner Phones. These can be used to arrange meetings and are a good time to set up an ambush on more than one Suspect.
  36. Prestige Objectives reward more Merces and are optional.
  37. Prestige Objectives are compulsory in a Harcore Campaign.
  38. If you complete all objectives in a mission you will get a Perfect Run Bonus of 2,500 XP.
  39. Time is your friend. There is no time limit (Except for certain Prestige Objectives), and it doesn’t impact your rating.
  40. Don’t be afraid to kill half the map if it means you complete your mission.
  41. You lose 50 Merces for each no-target kill.
  42. The Safehouse has a day and night cycle.
  43. The time of day can impact the availability of items in the Outside area.
  44. There are four types of item rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The better the rarity, the less Gear Capacity it takes and the more powerful the item is.
  45. Gear Capacity increases with higher Mastery Levels.
  46. You can keep investing in the stock market until you make a loss.
  47. Freelancer inventory items like explosives and poisons are one use only. You won’t get them back after the mission.
  48. Freelancer mode is a good way to level up your player rank.
  49. The Safehouse is most likely located somewhere in or near Sweden. It could also instead be in central California.
  50. There are three bathrooms in the Safehouse.
  51. The ladder near the Bunker Wardrobe goes to the Bedroom.
  52. The Bedroom contains its own Wardrobe and Bathroom.
  53. You can climb the vine on the Bedroom balcony to get to the roof.
  54. You can climb the vine on the Office balcony to get to the roof.
  55. The word Merces is related to trade as in “merchandise”, and the Roman god Mercury associated with trade and speed. The word is also associated with words such as pay, penalty, and bribe.
  56. The ruined church Outside has a hidden treasure chest.

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Safehouse Locations

Bunker (Mastery Level 0)

The Bunker is the starting place. It is where you select Locations on the map, a normal or Hardcore Campaign, and your Inventory. You can also abort a Campaign from here and select a Prestige Objective.

Items: It contains the Supply and Reward Crates, and your Gear Arsenal.

Activities: You can listen to Diana’s welcome message, and select a Syndicate, Location, Supply item, and Prestige Objective.

Infirmary (Mastery Level 0)

The Infirmary is where you go when you are Wounded. Will unlock the Gauze Suit the first time you are Wounded. Injections can be created in a machine here.

Items: You can find 47’s Signature Suit, and pick up a stethoscope and scalpel. It has a small amount of Merces on the end of the bed when you are Wounded.

Activities: You can lie down on the medical bed, and the microscope can be used. Poisons are able to be changed into syringes by using a machine.

Wardrobe (Mastery Level 2

The Wardrobe is where you can change your suits.

Activities: Browse your suits.

Bathroom (Mastery Level 4)

A water closet.

Items: You can pick up a newspaper.

Activities: None.

Upstairs (Mastery Level 6)

The Upstairs is the living part of the Safehouse. It has a radio that can play music. Outside the Office is your trophy area that features all your unlocked Challenge trophies.

Items: You can pick up a red wine bottle (on the dining table), a banana (on the kitchen table) and a fire poker (near the fireplace). Poison is made on the kitchen table with fish and a knife.

Activities: You can turn on the radio, clean a work surface, drink wine, and clean your shoes. You can make poison. Also, you can pull a book from a bookshelf to go to your Bunker.

Garage (Mastery Level 8)

The Garage is where your vehicles are stored.

Items: You can find a wrench, a bag of gun powder, a fuse cell, and a car battery.

Activities: You can clean the floor, work on your motorbike, shift through documents, and turn on the vacuum cleaner. This is a place to leave on missions.

Outside (Mastery Level 12)

The Outside is a large area where you can get to your shed, garden, dock, and helipad.

Items: You can fish for items (dock), pick up coins (bird nest near shoreline), a grape knife (outside shed), a rusty nail (on stairs near shed) poisonous mushrooms (grassy areas), a seashell (onshore), vines (from garden), and a golf club (on the roof).

Activities: You can clean your shoes, meditate, look through your binoculars on the roof and on the shoreline, lie on the sun lounger, vines are able to be cut with a grape knife, and you can rake some grass.

Dock (Mastery Level 12)

The Dock is where your boat is docked and you can fish.

Items: You can pick up a seashell (onshore) and get fish by fishing.

Activities: You can fish, and it is a place to leave on missions.

Shooting Range (Master Level 13)

The Shooting Range is where you can test your weapons with unlimited ammo.

Activities: Shoot your guns.

Helipad (Mastery Level 14)

The Helipad is where your helicopter lands.

Items: You can pick up a coin (from bird nest), and a rusty crowbar (near stream bridge).

Activities: You can rake some leaves. This is a place to leave on missions.

Vault (Mastery Level 16)

The Vault is where gold and money are stored. It contains a stock market computer which you can use to invest in the stock market after every mission. It is random, and you may win or lose Merces.

Items: None.

Activities: You can invest in the stock market.

Practice Space (Mastery Level 18)

A place to relax (I got it earlier than Level 18).

Items: It contains a soda can (on the table).

Activities: None.

Office – (Mastery Level 21)

A place to study and work.

Items: It contains a letter opener (on the table).

Activities: You can lean on the bannister inside and on the balcony outside.

Gym – (Mastery Level 22)

A place to keep fit and workout.

Items: It contains a kettlebell (on the floor), and baseball (on bench).

Activities: None.

Bedroom – (Mastery Level 31)

A place to sleep and hideaway. It has three rooms: the bedroom, the wardrobe room, and a bathroom.

Items: You can pick up a bar of soap (from bathroom).

Activities: You can hide on the floor behind the bed. The sun lounger on the balcony outside can be laid on.

Shed – (Mastery Level 32)

A shed you can potter around in. You can repair the machine with a wrench to make poisons.

Items: You can pick up a grape knife (on the dartboard).

Activities: You can chop wood outside. Emetic mushrooms can be used in the machine to make lethal poisions.

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Syndicate Types

There are always eight Syndicate Contracts to choose from, and they always fall under the eight category types listed below. All that will be different is the Syndicate Leader’s name, Potential Objectives and the locations chosen.

Arms Trafficking

M.O.: Exploiting and escalating conflicts all over the world. Enabler of genocide and oppression. Responsible for countless deaths and untold amounts of suffering.

Potential Objectives:

  • Shotgun, Sub Machine Gun, or Assault Rifle Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Explosive Kill – Proximity or Fragmentation Grenade (+1,500 Merces)
  • Explosive Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Elimate Guards – Assault Rile or Shotgun (+1,000 Merces)

Eco Crime

M.O.: Destroying natural resources, driven by greedy exploitation or corrupt political agendas. Polluting and poisoning food sources, causing famine and ecological disasters. Active in the extinction of endangered species.

Potential Objectives:

  • Trap Kill – Water Cannister or Oil Cannister (+1,500 Merces)
  • Electuction or Burning Kill (+1,500 Merces)
  • Accident or Drowning Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Make Target Slip (+1,500 Merces)
  • Posion Target – Emetic (+1,500 Merces)

Big Pharma

M.O.: Human experimentation and illegal testing. Instilling addiction to create a demand. Controlling prices for medication through lobbyism and brute force, leaving the majority without an option for treatment.

Potential Objectives:

  • Poison Kill (+1,500 Merces)
  • Posion Target – Emetic or Sedative (+1,500 Merces)
  • No Bodies Found (+1,000 Merces)
  • Poison Guard – Syringe (+1,000 Merces)
  • Poison Target – Dart Gun (+1,500 Merces)
  • Do not Blow Your Disguise (+500 Merces)
  • No Witnesses (+1,000 Merces)

Organ Trafficking

M.O.: Capturing children and other vulnerable people, suing them as involuntary donors for organ harvesting. Setting up scenarios to force people into horrible dilemmas. Kidnapping for forced amputations.

Potential Objectives:

  • Deadly Throw (+1,000 Merces)
  • Neck Breaker (+1,000 Merces)
  • Axe Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Knife Kill (+1,500 Merces)
  • Poison Target – Sedative or Dart Gun (+1,500 Merces)
  • Pacify Guards Unnotices (+1,000 Merces)
  • Silent Target Takedown – Rare Melee (+1,500 Merces)


M.O.: Murder for hire with no code or method. Countless collateral. Crutlety and unnecessary suffering. Competitive.

Potential Objectives:

  • Silenced Pistol or Silenced Firearm Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Fiberwire Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Explosive Kill – Remote (+1,500 Merces)
  • Sniper Rifle Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Silenced Rifle Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Kill Only Targets (+1,000 Merces)
  • Headshot Kills Only (+500 Merces)

Sick Games

M.O.: Orchestrating occult ceremonies and death-matches as exotic entertainment for the rich. Custom-tailored revenge plots for sale. Depravities and perversion unlimited.

Potential Objectives:

  • Only by activating the Syndicate Contract will reveal their specific vulnerabilty.

Psy Ops

M.O.: Guerilla-warfare techniques waves against civilians. Pushing agendas by spreading fear. Polarising population-groups through trolling and undercover acts of terrorism.

Potential Objectives:

  • Do not Get Caught on Camera (+500 Merces)
  • Pacify Guards – Concussive Explosives (+1,500 Merces)
  • Blind Target (+1,500 Merces)
  • Blind Guard (+1,000 Merces)
  • Destroy Cameras (+500 Merces)
  • Destroy Surveillance Recorder (+1,000 Merces)
  • Eliimate Guards – Sniper (+1,000 Merces)
  • Distract Target (+1,000 Merces)


M.O.: Acquiring and selling secrets by any means necessary and no regard for consequences. Industrial espionage, extortion, character assassination and post-truth manipulation. Destroying reputations, businesses, entire economies, and throwing families into poverty and populations into war

Potential Objectives:

  • Fiberwire Kill (+1,000 Merces)
  • Do not Blow Your Disguise (+500 Merces)
  • Do not Change Disguise (+1,000 Merces)
  • Poison Target – Dart Gun (+1,500 Merces)
  • Doors Stay Locked (+1,000 Merces)
  • Do not Get Spotted (+1,000 Merces)
  • Do not Pacify (+1,000 Merces)
  • No Firearms (+1,000 Merces)

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Location Intel


Where the mission is taking place. It is helpful to know a map at least briefly to be more successful. Save your most familiar map locations for the Showdown mission.


Shows how many NPCs need to be eliminated. Objectives will give more Merces if Targets are killed in certain ways.


These are NPCs carrying a medium amount of Merces. Knocking them out or killing them will drop Merces.


These contain a large amount of Merces. They can be blown up or unlocked. Unlocking them requires scanning about three intel objects, such as folders and tablets with your phone. They are usually near a Safe location.


Is an NPC who sells items and weapons. They will only sell pieces that are not already in your Safehouse. They are only interactable when they are alone.

Payout Objectives

These are the main ways you will be earning Merces. They are objectives that require certain items and conditions. They usually revolve around killing a Target and messing with guards in a certain way. They can also be things like taking no damage or missing a shot.

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Points of Interest

Infirmary Merces

Supply Crate

Reward Crate

Freelancer Tools

Gear Armory

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Update 2 – 06/02/23:

  • Added more Tips and Tricks.
  • Added more information about Items and Activities in the Bedroom, the Infirmary, and Outside.

Update 1 – 03/02/23:

  • Added more images.
  • Added more Tips and Tricks. Also added numbers.
  • Added information about the Gym, Bedroom, Office, and the Shed.
  • Added information about the different Syndicate Contract types.
  • Corrected some typos.

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I will update this post when I get more information and make more progress.

I have reached Mastery Level 49. I think I have seen all the mode has to offer at this point. Also, Hardcore mode doesn’t really seem to work well with how the Prestige Objectives are designed.

I wish you the best of luck, Agent 47.

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