IO Interactive is Making an Online Fantasy RPG

I despise elves so much, and for some reason.

Developer IO Interactive has confirmed they are working on a new online fantasy RPG game. It is currently known as Project Fantasy.

Not much is known about the project, and only one image is available (seen above). The developer went into some details about it in a blog post. It doesn’t say much, apart having a fondness for Fighting Fantasy books to Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop role-playing games.

It says they are building a new world and IP. In this case, an online fantasy RPG. They are also looking for people to join them in working on the announced fantasy game.

They will be available to meet at Game Developers Conference (GDC) from 20th to 24th March in San Francisco. If you are a developer and want to meet them.

I am a fan of IO Interactive and its Hitman games. This project sounds interesting, if very vague. I am concerned with it being an online video game, as this seems like they are trying to get into the live service business. They didn’t accomplish much with that in Hitman 1 to 3. Also, the James Bond game currently called Project 007 is still a mystery and could be a complete donkey.

Hopefully, both Project 007 and Project Fantasy will be good, the developer has tried something different in the past, but mostly they haven’t been great (Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days). The one outlier is Freedom Fighters which should at least be remade.

I have made a guide for Hitman: Freelancer, which you can read here: Hitman: Freelancer Tips, Tricks, and Guide.

I have also discussed Hitman: World of Assassination here: GOTM: January 2023 – Hitman: World of Assassination.

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