City of Steam Forth Alpha Weekend is Available

They look like a friendly bunch.

City of Steam is currently having its last alpha weekend. This fourth alpha weekend started today at around 03:00 PM GMT and ends on Monday. Mechanist Games have said that its main priority for the weekend is to stress test the game so they want lots of people to give the game a try. To take part you need to have a have alpha key which can be obtained through various means on the City of Steam official website.

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City of Steam Alpha 0.7.2 Patch Notes

The Ultra Marines would probably be proud of that robot.

These are the patch notes from the third City of Steam alpha weekend which happened last week. There no official path notes list available at the moment so I thought I make a list of the changes being made to the game and I will post new patch notes as City of Steam gets updated in the future. This list took a hell of long time to do.

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City of Steam Second Alpha Weekend is Now Available

I am glad this isn’t a swimming pool.

So you might be wondering what the feck is City of Steam? Is it some sort of Steam city building game? Well no its a free to play browser-based MMORPG similar in visual style and gameplay to games like Neverwinter Nights, Runescape, Baldur’s Gate with a bit of Vagrant Story. However what makes it different to these games is that it based on architecture and style of a steam punk universe. It is a pretty interesting take on the whole fantasy RPG theme.

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