City of Steam Forth Alpha Weekend is Available

They look like a friendly bunch.

City of Steam is currently having its last alpha weekend. This fourth alpha weekend started today at around 03:00 PM GMT and ends on Monday. Mechanist Games have said that its main priority for the weekend is to stress test the game so they want lots of people to give the game a try. To take part you need to have a have alpha key which can be obtained through various means on the City of Steam official website.

The final alpha test will mean the last races so far revealed with be playable. Orcs and Hobbes are now playable along with all the other races available in the game. So if you haven’t yet tried out the game this is the best time to give it ago. Also many bug and user interface changes have been implemented into the game and much more. If you don’t try it now it will likely be months before beta comes around so make the most of it.

City of Steam is looking well polished for a game currently in alpha and looks like it’s heading in the right direction. However all that potential could be ruined if its cash shop system and a few other things aren’t resolved or thought through properly. It is free-to-play and a browser game but don’t yet that put you off from trying it out whether now in alpha or in the future when it gets to beta and beyond.

You can read more about City of Steam by reading my previous posts about the game below. These include patch notes, my thoughts about the game and much more. I will do some more patch notes for this weekend and I will be looking to do some guides and reviews eventually when ever I get round to having the time to do it. It takes a long time to do things like that.

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