City of Steam Alpha 0.7.2 Patch Notes

The Ultra Marines would probably be proud of that robot.

These are the patch notes from the third City of Steam alpha weekend which happened last week. There no official path notes list available at the moment so I thought I make a list of the changes being made to the game and I will post new patch notes as City of Steam gets updated in the future. This list took a hell of long time to do.

The main additions are new playable classes, hotkey changes, new hairstyles and many quest and bug fixes.

City of Steam Alpha 0.7.2 Patch Notes:

Main changes

  • Goblin male character activated.
  • Goblin female character activated.
  • Mac OSX game initialisation bug fixed.

Ability tree changes

  • Arcanist ability tree selection.
  • Gunner ability tree selection.
  • Channeler ability tree selection.
  • Level experience requirement slighty increased.
  • Quest reward experience increased.
  • Experience sharing equation bug fixed.
  • Second ability tree selectable at level 10.

Skin changes

  • Skin repainting, Draug male finished.
  • Skin repainting, Draug female finished.

Shader changes

  • Emissive property added to monster shaders.
  • Emissive property added to NPC shaders.
  • Emissive property added to player character shaders.
  • Emissive property added to armor shaders shaders.
  • Emissive property added to weapon shaders.

Scene changes

  • Refuge scene updated.
  • Meluan’s Gate scene updated.
  • Gardenworks scene updated
  • Beryls Folly Scene Updated

Shop changes

  • Shop contents are randomized.
  • Shop sell rate is randomized.
  • Shop restock time is randomized.

Hotkey changes

  • Standard attacks hotkey changed to Q.
  • Health potion hotkey changed to E
  • Stealth potion hotkey change to R
  • LCTRL hotkey added in stand still
  • SHIFT hotkey added to access second combat bar row.

NPC changes

  • Unnamed NPC added.
  • Female Human Refugee NPC added.
  • Ghan NPC added.
  • Soth NPC added.
  • Sleazy NPC added.
  • Sleazy Guy NPC added.
  • Yunk NPC added.
  • FOunding Statue NPC added.
  • Signpost NPC added.
  • Empty Pantry NPC added.
  • Book NPC added.
  • Leaflet NPC added.
  • Coupon NPC added.
  • Empty Bookcase NPC added.
  • Full Bookcase NPC added.
  • House Debris A NPC added.
  • House Debris B NPC added.
  • Cribroach & Sprok NPC added.
  • Empty Cribroach NPC added.
  • Frezly Solo NPC added.
  • marketplace Computer NPC added.
  • Multiply Quest Board NPCs added to each scene.
  • Upgrade, Salvage, Blueprint added to inventory GUI.
  • Friend list added to character GUI.
  • Upgrade Menu bar icon removed.
  • Crafting Menu bar icon removed.
  • Friends Menu Bar Icon removed.
  • Quest tracking text indented under hide button fixed.

Drop rate changes

  • Armor drop rate reduced.
  • Shield drop rate reduced.
  • shilling drop rate increased.
  • Clockroach hit drops increased.

Chat changes

  • System message broadcasting fixed.
  • Text wrapping in chat window bugs fixed (one still outstanding).
  • Whisper loses target bug fixed.

Item changes

  • Junk items removed from game.
  • Amalgamated generic junk items added.
  • Unmergeable mods found and fixed.
  • Unreforgable items found and fixed (possible bugs outstanding).
  • Catalyst naming changed to doubler, triple etc.
  • Several bugged collections fixed (possible bugs outstanding).

Hairstyle changes

  • Aven male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Aven female hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Heartland male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Heartland female hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Ostenian male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Ostenian female hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Stoigmari male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Stoigmari female hairstyles – added twelve pieces.
  • Draug male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Draug female hairstyles – added twelve pieces.
  • Riven male hairstyles – added eighteen pieces.
  • Riven female hairstyles – added twelve pieces.
  • Goblin male hairstyles.
  • Goblin female hairstyle.

Armor changes

  • Leather armor fixed for Draug male.
  • Leather armor fixed for Riven male.
  • Shield sizes updates.
  • Shield mod placement updated.

Dialogue changes

  • Dialog font size increased 30%.
  • Dialogue buttons size increased.
  • Dialogue icons changed.

Ability changes

  • Alpha Rustwolf monster added.
  • Mob selection area enlarged.
  • Heat Wave ability damage increased.
  • Scorch ability damage increased.
  • Firebolt ability damaged increased.
  • Flame Lance ability damage increased.
  • Meteor Strike ability damage increased.
  • Frozen Statues causes targets ice resistance to be reduced.
  • Ice Bolt ability damaged increased.
  • Snap Freeze targets are no longer invaluable while frozen.
  • Chill ability damage increased.
  • Lightning Zap ability damage increased.
  • Chain Lightening ability damage increased.
  • Weapons drawing much faster.
  • Weapon draw/sheath rules updated.
  • Weapons sheath bug fixed.

Visual changes

  • Water reflection settings added.
  • Player rendering limit added.
  • Detail distance updated.
  • Resolution setting added.
  • Fullscreen bugs fixed.
  • Disable click to move setting added.

Bug fixes

  • Character display bug when level loaded – fixed.
  • Other characters movement animations weren’t played when using WASD – fixed.
  • Quest arrow disappear before destination arrival – fixed (possible bugs outstanding).
  • Emergency teleport button greys out forever bug – fixed.
  • After dragging skill to combat bar mouse pointer stuck – fixed.
  • Tooltip attached to mouse pointer wont disappear – fixed.
  • Miscalculations on upper limit of backpack slots – fixed.
  • Collection and quality levels were incompatible – fixed.
  • Team mates invisible after death – fixed.
  • Team mates unable to draw weapons on level entry – fixed.
  • Portal missing from dead-end.
  • Levels – fixed.

Character changes

  • Character pathfinding upgraded.
  • Player characters will turn to face NPC they interact with.
  • Player name limitations are now as small as three characters long.
  • Chat log now records doable the number of messages (sixty).
  • marketplace system has been upgraded.
  • Area of effect skills can now break barrels.
  • GM character can mute a palter.
  • GM character can boot a player from the game.
  • GM character can teleport another player.
  • Left click works while right hold is active on mouse.
  • Characters can equip items in combat now.

Level changes

  • Added Meluan’s Gate postal center level.
  • Fixed loading screen for Dust Yard.
  • More secret doors in Crypt level.
  • Toothward Path level mobs updated.
  • Fixed drops for Gardenworks Historian Quest.
  • Added newspapers for Garndenworks, Beryl’s Folly, Meluan’s Gate.
  • Various portal fixes.
  • Lowered water level in Near Scraphills.
  • Fixed start position in Beryl’s Folly.
  • Fixed broken Myth Docks in Gardenworks.
  • Restructured Beryl’s Market.
  • Restructured Beryl’s Street.
  • Restructured Beryl’s Estate.
  • Added twenty one storage access potions in the world.
  • Created level The Second Dig.
  • Balanced mobs in Beryl’s Estates.
  • Balanced mobs in Beryl’s Streets.
  • Balanced mobs in Beryl’s Market.
  • Removed/rearranged Null tilts in the Glut.
  • Restructured The Upper Bilge.
  • Restructured The Central Bilge.
  • Restructured The Lower Bilge.
  • Edited portals the Amber Graves.
  • Edited barrel drop class.
  • New mobs added in Rustwolf cave.
  • Updating loading screens.
  • Modified The Near Scraphills.
  • Globally added newspaper stands.
  • Restructured the Glut.
  • Replaced mobs The Near Scraphills.
  • Increased the amount of Mythhubs.
  • Added back to the city portals.
  • Removed mobs from portals.
  • Added quest mobs globally.
  • Portal fixes globally.

Quest changes

  • Added Goblin Family Quest 1.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 2.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 3.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 4.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 5.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 6.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 7.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 8.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 9.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 10.
  • Added Goblin Family Quest 11.
  • Fixed Stoigmari Quest 6.
  • Fixed Stoigmari Quest 7.
  • Fixed Stoigmari Quest 8.
  • Added Stoigmari Quest 9.
  • Fixed the Refuge Trophy Seeking Quest.
  • Fixed the Refuge Tour Quest.
  • Fixed Clean Up Quest – Riven.
  • Added Clean Up Quest – Goblin.
  • Fixed Panty Quest – Riven.
  • Added Pantry Quest – Goblin.
  • Fixed Pantry Quest – Draug.
  • Added PAnty Quest – Draug.
  • Added XP reward to Goblin Quests.
  • Added XP reward to Goblin Quests
  • Added XP reward Riven Quests.
  • Fixed Aven Quest 7.
  • Fives Aven Quest 8.
  • Added Draug Quest 7.
  • Fixed Heartlander Quest 8.
  • Added conclusion to Heartlander Quest 8.
  • Extended Riven Qwest 6.
  • Fixed Riven Quest 6.
  • Fixed Daily Supply Quest in Garndenworks (except for buffs).
  • Hid several unfinished quests.
  • Corrected many typos in dialogue.
  • Tweaked quest logic, experience rewards and dialogue links.
  • Restored icons for shops and other improvements NPCS on minimap.

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