Trinity Trigger is Now Available

Working together to kill enemies.

Developer Three Rings and publisher FuRyu Corporation and Xseed Games have released Trinity Trigger, a 1990s-inspired Japanese-style action role-playing game. It is similar to Secret of Mana in some aspects.

A core gameplay mechanic of Trinity Trigger is collecting “Triggers,” which are creatures that transform into usable weapons for party members.

Cyan, Elise and Zantis can be switched between in single-player, or you can team up with up to two people in local co-op. The game has no online multiplayer.

The game was developed by veterans of the genre: Nobuteru Yuuki (Chrono Cross and Trials of Mana), Hiroki Kikuta (Mana series), and Atsuko Nishida (Pokémon).

If you like old-style RPGs in the vein of the SquareSoft games, then you will likely enjoy Trinity Trigger, as it is heavily inspired by those games. Also, the game might be good if you are looking to play something with your friends.

Trinity Trigger is now available in physical and digital formats for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.