Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way is Now Available

Explore resource-rich space.

Developer Weird Fish and publisher 505 Games have released Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way, a space-travelling adventure game you can play with others.

You play as one of the crew members awoken to crew the “Oddyssey” resource vessel. With it, you can mine asteroids for resources and help the Mother Ship reach the next fuel source. This ship contains nearly two million fellow passengers you need to save.

There have been lots of games inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light. What makes this one different is the focus on multiplayer. You can play solo, but playing with others will be more fun. It is also more active in its gameplay. You can collect resources, build, defend, and expand your ship.

If you enjoyed Spacelines from the Far Out, you are likely to enjoy Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way.

Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way is now available for Steam Early Access on PC.