FPS Rogue-like Coming with Battle Shapers

T-pose holograms were all the range in the future.

Metric Empire, a new studio founded by former Ubisoft directors, has announced its first game Battle Shapers. It is a futuristic first-person rogue-like where you fight a bunch of robots.

In the game, you play as Ada, an android who is trying to reclaim the future of her city, called New Elysium. Stopping her are Overlords and their robots.

You will have access to different weapons, abilities, talents, and powers taken from the Overlords. All will help you survive the tower blocks you will be fighting in.

Boomerang, I choose you.
Linking laser robots are always annoying to fight.
Robot butterflies are nice looking.

Battle Shapers looks like a single-player version of Overwatch horde mode. It has the same sort of design and style. This means the game could be great if done right.

If the game has enough variety and a fair challenge, it has the potential to be a unique rogue-like game. There haven’t been many interesting FPS ones.

The game will come out for PC on Steam Early Access sometime in 2023.