Voodolls Open Beta is Underway

Mario would feel right at home here.

Publisher Tate Multimedia and indie developer SideRift have announced that the open beta for their co-op tower defence game has started. It will last for 5 days from yesterday.

In Voodolls, players play as souls trapped in hell, transformed into puppet like “Voodolls” by a Pupper Master. In the game, you defend the Pupper Master from waves of enemies over several different planetoid stages.

While it can be played in a single-player, it is designed as a co-op game, and teamwork is essential to survival.

The Open Beta features all four voodolls, the game tutorial, two planets, three difficulty modes and an endless mode. Players taking part in the Open Beta will unlock an exclusive Corrupted Skin.

The beta can be accessed by going to the Voodolls Steam page and clicking the “Request Access” button in the Join the Voodolls Playtest area.

If you have ever played Dungeon Defenders, it has a similar sort of gameplay and game loop. Four heroes fight waves of increasing difficulty of enemies. You can explore the areas and use your skills to create creative ways to complete the levels.

Voodolls releases on 13th April 2023 on PC.