Toad-Based Tactics Coming to PC with Toads of the Bayou

Tweed-wearing, smoking toads are always delightful.

Publisher Fireshine Games have announced Toads of the Bayou by developer La Grange. Their debut game will be coming to Steam in 2024.

Toads of the Bayou is a turn-based tactical game with rogue-like deck building and base building set within a cursed bayou (swamp).

You control a gang of toads looking for a place to settle in the swamps of the deep south. During gameplay, you must build up and protect your settlement from enemies.

As it is rogue-like, each run will hopefully be different. Gain new toads, abilities, and cards for your custom deck. Your settlement will also be upgradable with a variety of buildings.

Toads of the Bayou is doing a lot, and if done right could be an amazing game. It will need enough variety and snappy controls to work well.

The game will be released sometime in 2024 for PC.

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