Mato Anomalies is Now Available

Hack into the mind with the power of cards.

Arrowiz’s new game Mato Anomalies, published by Prime Matter, is out now. It is a cyberpunk-inspired RPG located in a futuristic neo-inspired city.

The game is set in Mato, a futuristic version of an old oriental city. The story, told in a comic book style, features two main protagonists, Dee and Gram. Both are investigating various weird anomalies appearing in the city. Throughout the game, you will get new companions who help out in combat.

The game has interesting combat and card systems where you hack minds. In fights, all characters share a health pool.

Like in other cyberpunk types of worlds, a sub-world, in this case, is called a rift. These rifts take you to a different plane of existence and are filled with more powerful enemies.

It shows that the game is an indie title. This will probably put a lot of people off. There will be a few who can see past the glaring issues and see an amicable attempt at a futuristic RPG with a unique look and style. If you like futuristic RPGs and visual novels, you should check the game out.

The game is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X.

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