New The Thaumaturge Gameplay Trailer

More creatures from Slavic mythology.

11 bit studios have released a new trailer for their upcoming published-based PC game, The Thaumaturge.

The trailer was hidden on the game website. It can now be seen by all. To watch the trailer before, you had to do the same sign as the protagonist does in the trailer to summon a Salutor, but on the website. I have tried it, and I can’t get it to work.

The trailer shows more of the environments, the character walking and running around, and a bit of combat. Not much can be seen, but it all looks good so far.

Expect to see plenty of creatures and beings from Slavic mythology.

Developers Fool’s Theory is expected to show more during the Game Developers Conference in March.

To learn more about The Thaumaturge, read this post: The Thaumaturge Announced. Also, Trailer and Six Images.

The game has only been announced for PC.

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