Have a Happy For The King Christmas!

For The King Snow
The adventures of Mr and Mrs Claus, and their Head Elf.

It’s that time of the year again with the spectre of COVID-19 still in the air. Depending on where you live your loved ones can fight over Monopoly this year.

While arguing, take some time to think about all the creatures and monsters that die every day in games so you can level up. Think about that goblin with a family who is now dead while searching for food. Think about that wolf who was only defending their family, who ended up mounted over a tavern fireplace.

It’s surprising how much death happens in video games, board games, films, and books.

It may not be a traditional Christmas this year and maybe that will be better for everyone. While tucking into your presents and food, take a moment to think about all the animals that die. Take a moment to think about all those other people in the world who can’t enjoy the holidays for one reason or another.

Merry Christmas!

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