Necromunda: UW Ops – Uprising Campaign: Intro and Op #1

A tale of mind controlling machines, murderous gangs, and a Hive called Crock.

This feature is a record of my gang’s campaign for Necromunda: Underhive Wars as it completes operations and grows in power. The goal is to eventually overthrow House Orlock the rulers of Hive Crock. My gang are called the Riveters and this post is the introduction and first operation of my Necromunda: Underhive War Ops – Uprising Campaign.

To see all the operations, please go here: Necromunda: UW Ops – Uprising Campaign.

Gang Story

The Riveters, also known as the Crock Riveters, or R Group is a small gang of House Orlock. All members are former riveters who worked on the Ash Train Network (ATN) that connect Hive Crock with other Hives across the Ash Wastes. After defending themselves from another Ash Raider attack for the countless time, Hope the leader of Train Group R realised she could make a better life for herself and her followers by being the attackers instead of the defenders.

The small group relocated to the Underhive (Badzones), the downhive area of Hive Crock and pledged allegiance to House Orlock. All forsook their rivet guns and exchanged them for swords, pistols, stub guns, and bolters instead. Now they plan to encourage the Lowers to overthrow Orlock and place the Riveters as the main House.

Member Requirements

All members must have dark hair, dark clothes, no tattoos, and wear a mask. None can be a lay-mechanic and use a rivet gun. All must wear a cog badge on their right arm except the leaders who also have shoulder guards. Loyalty among fellow members before anyone else is important. Finally members are required to wear wielding masks but this requirement is often ignored.

Hive Crock

Hive Crock is one of the smaller Hives on Necromunda. The people here live relatively comfortable lives with the need for millions of workers slaving away having been replaced by thousands of machines. These machines were created by House Van Saar, who removed the Guilders before them. However, after the Surge War, House Orlock became the dominant house of the Hive and controller of The Mainframe. This resulted in the majority of Van Saar escaping to neighbouring Hives.

The Hive still has a lower population, called the Lowers, the unseen countless thousands who toil away in the lower parts of the Hive. These people are seen as below machines and the Underhive population. All await for a day to rise against House Orlock and their robot overlords.

Gang Members

1: Hope (Female Leader). Rank: VI
Role: Heavy (Artillery)
Traits: Resilient, Observant, Focused. Persona: Careless, Sniper.
Weapons: 1 x Assault cannon
Implants: None
Skills: Unknown
Survive (Total): 8(8). Levels (Total): 8(8)
Kills (Total): 8(8)
Injuries (Total): 0(0)
MVP (Total): 4(0)
Initiative: 79
Value: 751


Hope the leader of Train Group R, lead the group to many victories against the Ash Raiders before convincing her fellow followers to join her in breaking free.

A tough exterior hides a charismatic softer side, which she uses to her advantage.

2: Welch (Female). Rank: IV
Role: Deadeye (Mule)
Traits: Agile, Observant, Protean. Persona: Unknown.
Weapons: 1 x Autopistol
Implants: None
Skills: Unknown
Survive (Total): 6(6). Levels (Total): 8(8)
Kills (Total): 5(5)
Injuries (Total): 1(1)
MVP (Total): 0(0)
Initiative: 104
Value: 578


Welch is the dogsbody of the gang. She specialises in carrying and doing the heavy lifting of the group. While she looks weak, she has the potential to be the gangs top killer.

A strong sense of duty and loyalty means she is respected by her fellow members.

3: Benson (Male). Rank: IV
Role: Brawler (Hammerer)
Traits: Athletic, Observant, Disciplined. Persona: Unknown.
Weapons: 1 x Massive Club
Implants: None
Skills: Unknown
Survive (Total): 7(7). Levels (Total): 8(8)
Kills (Total): 1(1)
Injuries (Total): 1(1)
MVP (Total): 1(1)
Initiative: 92
Value: 585


Benson is married to Sweeney. They both met while they were in Train Group B before moving to R. Like his wife he likes getting into peoples faces and hitting them where it hurts.

He is one of the strongest and quietest of the group and is often seen exercising with steel beams.

4: Sweeney (Female). Rank: IV
Role: Brawler (Duellist)
Traits: Athletic, Observant, Disciplined. Persona: Unknown.
Weapons: 1 x Sword and 1 x Spud-jacker
Implants: None
Skills: Unknown
Survive (Total): 8(8). Levels (Total): 8(8)
Kills (Total): 7(7)
Injuries (Total): 0(0)
MVP (Total): 0(0)
Initiative: 82
Value: 640


Sweeney is married to Benson. She was saved from the Ash Raiders by Hope before she joined Train Group R. She will regularly act carelessly and risks her own life to help others.

She is the opposite of Benson and is loud and aggressive. Despite this, she gets along with all members of the group.

5: Roper (Male). Rank: III
Role: Deadeye (Sniper)
Traits: Healthy, Clever, Calculated. Persona: Unknown.
Weapons: 1 x Autogun
Implants: None
Skills: Unknown
Survive (Total): 6(6). Levels (Total): 8(0)
Kills (Total): 1(1)
Injuries (Total): 1(1)
MVP (Total): 0(0)
Initiative: 99
Value: 520


Roper is the dark horse of the group. Not much is known about him. However, he often targeted by enemies before anyone else as a great threat. This makes him a good decoy which came handy often during missions in Train Group R.

He gives off a dark aura and spends much of his time alone. He was, however, one of the first to join Hope in forming the Riveters.

Operation #1 SD-7703 (Normal)

Anno at Start: H87
Shift at Start: 897
House Goal: 425/300 Resources
House Target: Escher
House Edict: Machine Wave
Head Quarters: Switchyard Roof
Facilities: Salvaging Benches and Training Ground
Perks: House Blessing II
Value at End: 3,074
Cash at End: 2,182
Members at End: 5
Enemy #1 (Red): Main Line (Goliath)
Enemy #2 (Blue): Ironfists Brotherhood (Goliath)
Enemy #3 (Pink): None
Battles (Total): 4(4)
Uncontested (Total): 3(3)
Raid [Attack/Defence] (Total): 1(1)/0(0)
Victories (Total): 8(8)
Defeats (Total): 0(0)
Archeotech at End (Total): 0(0)
Resources at End: 425
Caskets at End (Total): 7(7)
Result (Total): Sector Victory (1)
Special Sector: Settlement
Reputation at End: Priced = 3

Operation Summary

The Riveters took on two House Goliath gangs and easily defeated them by taking the most resources from the sector. They successfully raided one HQ and completed the House Goal of acquiring extra resources. All members made advancements in their chosen fields.

The Machine Wave meant that no implanted members could be used but this wasn’t an issue for the gang. There was no Escher gangs so the gang resulted with a House reputation of Priced (3).

The sector is now under control of House Orlock and the Riveters.

Some of the extra rules I designed for this campaign.

Not all members have relations but the ones who do can suffer because of them.

Extra rules I designed for relations.


Gang Fame: 8(Victories)D6 = 33
Orlock Maintenance: 3(Reputation)D20 = 43
Enemy Gangs: 2D20 = 6 + 10 = 16
Machine Suppression: 1D100 = 20 – Priced = 10
Sectors Controlled = 1

Total: 33 + 43 – 16 – 10 x 1 = 50 Lower families joined the Riveters.

Uprising Total = 5 member families + 50 Lower families = 55 Uprisers.

Uprising Total Needed: 00,055/10,000 families.

Some more extra rules I designed for this campaign.

The Lowers view the Riveters as an unknown Weak group and are seen by the machines and House Orlock as a Level 0 Threat to the Hive hierarchy.

Design Note: These extra rules I have made were my attempt to make the video game more like the tabletop game and more harder. These rules haven’t been tested and I have no idea how long this campaign will take.