Void Bastards is Now Available

Void Bastards from developers Blue Manchu, the same people who created Card Hunter have now released their game on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

The game is inspired by System Shock 2 and Bioshock but unlike those games is a rogue-like in the vain of FTL: Faster Than Light and Heat Signature. In Void Bastards you go from ship to ship looting and scavenging for resources which can be used to unlock permanent upgrades. So even if your character dies you can just respawn another one with the same buffs and abilities. You final goal is to escape the Sargasso Nebula to achieve freedom.

There’s is plenty of tactics involved in how you complete your objectives from shooting everything you see to disabling engines and cameras to get around unseen an quietly.


Void Bastards Launch Trailer

While the actual act of shooting isn’t the best the overall look and gameplay loops are well done and rewarding. The developers especially the artist Ben Lee did a fantastic job in given Card Hunter a distinctive Dungeon & Dragons vibe, and now Void Bastards reminds me a lot 2000 AD comics, XIII, and the old Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold MS-DOS game. Which means the game looks amazing in action.

While it is short about 10-15 hours long, the game has a lot of replay value so if you like a different take on the traditional rogue-like formula you should consider checking out Void Bastards.