Good Game: Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine (PC)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine a 2013 stealth action video game developed and published by Pocketwatch Games for Microsoft Windows (PC).

The gameplay in Monaco consists of up to four players who each control different characters while they partake in heists and robberies in different locations. Players can control one of eight characters, each of whom have their own characteristics, such as the Hacker who can put viruses onto security systems, or the Cleaner who can put guards to sleep. The main difference between single-player and multiplayer modes is that in multiplayer, when a player dies they must be revived before the level can be completed.

Development of Monaco began while Andy Schatz was working for TKO Software, before he founded his own independent company Pocketwatch Games. The game started as nothing more than a Pac-Man clone. After being turned down twice by Microsoft Game Studios, Monaco was released for the Xbox 360 by Majesco Entertainment. After discussions with Schatz, the soundtrack was composed by American composer Austin Wintory, who had worked on the soundtracks for games such as Flow and Journey.

The game was positively received by reviewers and won two awards at the 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival. Reviewers praised the cooperative gameplay highly but said that the single-player was less fun because there was less to do. Many comparisons were made between Monaco and other media; the most common being the 1960 heist film Oceans 11. Reviewers liked the art style and said that the gameplay suited the minimalistic design.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 18 minutes of the game.


Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine Gameplay.

Developer: Pocketwatch Games.
Publisher: Pocketwatch Games.
Platform: Microsoft Windows.
Release : 24th April 2013 (WW).
Genre: Action, Stealth.