Sunless Sea Erik Update is Available. Also Humble Store Sale

Praise the light, fear the dark.
Praise the light and fear the dark.

Failbetter Games have updated Sunless Sea recently with bug fixes and a few new additions. The main being the ability to summon zee-beast by using different collections of items. Sunless Sea is also currently on sale on the Humble Store for 20% off.

Erik Update:

New features

  • Summon zee-beast items – use one of these out at zee to summon a powerful foe. Different items will summon different enemies.
  • Weapons that require ammunition to use will now give you a clear indication of which item they will use up.
  • It should now be possible to reveal your entire chart, provided you have explored all of the navigable ocean around the coast.

Bug fixes

  • Eliminated some odd spaces that were appearing before or after some of the bold or italicized text.
  • Prevented players from becoming locked in a story when revealing their past to one of their officers.
  • You should no longer be able to miss-click on the save/load screen and load in file from outside the scroll panel.
  • Resolved an issue were clicking the audio settings button would cause the music volume to be set to a new level.
  • The main menu button the gazetteer (the green cog) should no longer open a story if there is a story button behind it.
  • Scrolling the hold page should no longer result in items overlapping with the jettison cargo button.

It’s a small update that makes it easier to summon rarer enemies in the game in a location of your choice and fixes some bugs but sometimes the smallest update can have the biggest impact on a game.

The game is currently on sale on the Humble Store for 20% off meaning it now costs £10.49. If you aren’t sure about the game you probably should wait for a bigger discount though.

Sunless Sea is good story driven and world exploring game based on the Fallen London universe. It requires patience but is a good atmospheric experience that has interesting stories and situations. I would recommend people try out, especially if you are a fan of the Fallen London browser game or that type of world.