Grand Theft Auto Online: San Andreas Flight School and 1.16 Update is Now Available. Also New Screenshots and Video

10 years of death and destruction.
10 years of death and destruction.

Rockstar Games have updated Grand Theft Auto Online with tons of exploit and bug fixes. They have also added the San Andreas Flight School from Story mode, new jobs, country specific chutes and parachute bags, several new air vehicles and one new car. If you like the film Top Gun then you will enjoy this update.


Grand Theft Auto Online: The San Andreas Flight School Update Trailer.


The Four Musketeers.
The Four Musketeers.
Bogey at 6 o'clock.
Bogey at 6 o’clock.
recreate all your favourite scenes from Top Gun.
Recreate all your favourite scenes from Top Gun.

Grand Theft Auto Online patch 1.16:


  • Cash rewards are no longer reduced by 50% on replay of a Contact Mission. Players will now receive the full reward for completing a Mission every time.
  • Players now receive more Cash for playing Contact Missions in groups.
  • Cash and RP for Contact Missions have been rebalanced. This is to ensure that all Contact Missions pay out a fair reward in relation to the mission difficulty and amount of time taken. The potential cash payouts have increased significantly overall, although some specific missions have been reduced as a result of the rebalance.
  • The San Andreas Flight School is now open for business in GTA Online. The Flight School can be accessed via a Job corona, from rank 6 onwards, at Los Santos International Airport indicated by a small plane icon on the map. Ten flying lessons have been added as part of the Flight School which will help to improve players’ flying skills.
  • Two new Planes and one new Helicopter have been added to the Elitas website: Buckingham Mil-Jet, Western Besra, and the Buckingham Swift.
  • Players are now able to purchase and equip a reserve Parachute at Ammu-Nation. They can choose different canopy designs for their primary and reserve parachutes.
  • One new vehicle (plus a roofless variation) has been added to the Legendary Motorsport website : Invetero Coquette Classic.
  • 25 new ‘flags of the world’ themed parachute bags have been added to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online only.
  • Six new multicolored parachute canopies have been added to Ammu-Nation
  • A new Flight Suit outfit has been added for Male and Female characters. This is available in all clothes stores in the outfits menu.
  • A new Flight Cap accessory has been added for Male and Female characters. This is available in all clothes stores in the hats menu.
  • Players who downgrade to smaller garages will now be able to request vehicles stored in previous garages from the Mechanic.
  • Players in Tanks will now show as such with a specific Tank icon on the Minimap.
  • A large number of new Jobs have been added.

Read the rest of the patch notes here.

It’s good that RockStar continue to update Grand Theft Auto Online with bug and exploit fixes and add new vehicles and jobs but they still haven’t addressed the main issue with the mode, money. At the moment GTA Online is a free-to-play game that requires you to own Grand Theft Auto V to play. Why do I call it a free-to-play game? It’s because to get any of the cool vehicles (they are expensive) in the game you either have to grind jobs for days on end or pay real money for in-game cash. This option creates an uneven playing field where people willing to spend real money will have an easier and more fun time playing the Online mode. I refuse to pay real money for a product I have already bought. In 100 hours of playing GTA Online I have earned about 1.20 million of in-game money so that gives you an idea of how long it takes.

If GTA Online was a separate standalone product then I might be more forgiving of their payment model but as it stands RockStar are milking its loyal fans. You want a cool plane? then be ready to grind or spend real money.

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