Company of Heroes 2 March Deployment Patch and Video are Now Available

Reminds me of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 E3 trailer.
It’s like the Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 E3 trailer. “Look at the AI, they react”.

Video game publishers Sega and developers Relic Entertainment have released a new patch for Company of Heroes 2. This latest patch called the “March Deployment” adds some long need additions to the game such as weapon profiles and addresses some balance issues for the German and Russian armies. This all means early combat will be more focused on infantry, light vehicles and tactics. The patch also adds two new maps (Stalingrad and Angermuende) from the community and there is a new video which shows the new patch changes in action.


Company of Heroes 2 March Deployment Trailer.

Company of Heroes 2 March Deployment Patch:


  • Added two new community maps (Stalingrad and Angermuende).
  • Added Small Arms Weapon Profiles.
  • Changed Small Arms Lethality.
  • Changed Grenade Explosive Profiles.
  • Change to Units and Abilities.
  • Changes to Pacing and Tech Progression

More detailed patch notes can be read here.

I never rally noticed that infantry basically all shot the same regardless of distance and weapons but after reading the patch notes and watching the video the difference is noticeable and the changes make sense. It now means for example units such as Pioneers with close range weapons will be more effective when close and not very effective far away, cover and flanking will be more important because of this. These small changes may seem obvious and maybe not that noticeable but I welcome it. The only problem is why wasn’t the infantry like this from the start? Another big change is the cost of German HQ upgrades and Russian base building costs. Both faction starting resources have been decreased while HQ costs have been increased. Whether this will balance out perceived Russian advantages while as a German and perceived German advantages while as a Russian remains to be seen.

Company of Heroes 2 like Crusader Kings II is a good game and I highly recommend both.

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