Steam Holiday Sale 2013: Day Four Deals are Now Available

Jingle sales, jingle sales, Jingle all the way.

Valve Corporation annual Christmas sale continues. Like many of the sales on Steam, most of their games on the service are discounted. There are community choice sales where the community like always are able to vote on what game should be given up to a 75% discount every eight hours and there are also sales on publisher catalogues and flash sales every eight hours.

The Steam Holiday Sale lasts from 19th December 2013 to 2nd January 2014.

Today’s Daily Deals include:

Can only buy one game today?

Then don’t buy (All good except): Shadow Warrior is 75% off.

From “Participating in the 2013 Steam Holiday Sale will also earn customers exclusive Holiday Sale Trading Cards. Collect, trade, and craft 10 Holiday Snow Globe Cards that can only be earned during the sale. Every craft of a Holiday Sale badge will also generate a random item drop from 10 participating Free-To-Play games, featuring exclusive in-game items from Warframe, Path of Exile, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 and more. These items are both tradable and marketable.”

You can learn more about the Steam Holiday Sale here.

My Thoughts

There will be a lot of quality games to choose from each day and there will also be plenty of deals to be had with the publisher packs so like always if there’s some games you had your eyes on then the next two weeks is a better time than ever to get them. However I wouldn’t go crazy buying everything especially if you don’t have the time or will hardly play a certain game. For example a cool game might only cost a few pounds but if you never play it then it’s still a waste of money.

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