GOG.com: #noDRM Summer Sale 2013 Day Fifteen is Now Available and More

I can't trust a man with name like Bastakos.
I can’t trust a man with name like Bastakos.

GOG.com have started their 2013 summer sale day fifteen which features most of their no DRM games. This means that more than 500 games are available for 50% off. The digital distribution site will also offer extra discounted Daily Deals (once a day) which will be up to 85% off.


DEFCON Trailer.

FTL: Faster Than Light Trailer.

Defender’s Quest Trailer.

GOG.com #NoDRM Summer Day Fifteen:

Introversion Originals

(Four games for 80% off and now $7.16. Save $28.80)

Europe finally got what it deserved.
Europe finally got what it deserved.

From gog.com: “In the Introversion Originals bundle, you get Darwinia, Multiwinia, Defcon, and Uplink: Hacker Elite, which is probably the most intense, playable, and immersive computer-hacking game ever created. On GOG.com it comes bundled with a special bonus CD–be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed! All that for only $7.16. That’s whole 80% off the regular price you’d pay for those unique games.”

Today’s sale also includes:

  • FTL: Faster Than Light, the starship managerial rogue-like sim that makes you feel like a star fleet captain for 75% off and now $2.49. Save $7.50.
  • King of Dragon Pass, a unique storytelling experience that fuels imagination and challenges leadership skills for 75% off and now $1.49. Save $4.50.
  • Zafehouse Diaries, an innovative game featuring a zombie survival horror story that writes itself as you play for 75% off and now $2.49. Save $7.50.
  • Defender’s Quest, an addictive mixture of tower defense and RPG set in a world shattered by mysterious disease for 75% off and now $3.74. Save $11.25.

I have been waiting for this sale and its good that it’s finally here all deals are worth getting if you happen to be a person who has missed them in the past. There is literally hundreds of games on GOG.com people should consider buying especially if you have been eyeing up a particular game but didn’t want to pay full price for it. I am sure most people know the particular games they should get first before considering any of the less remembered but still good games.

Remember most games are only 50% off so maybe it will be wise to wait for their respective Daily Deal sales. Also I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy more than a few games unless you want to have more games than you know what you can do with, of course you can do so if you want.

I have missed quite a few days of the sale because a lot of them I haven’t felt were worth mentioning except for may the Longest Day one but I will likely posts about the next few days of the sale.

The GOG.com #noDRM Summer Sale lasts until 5th July so check back here tomorrow for new sales and more.

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