New Diablo III Release Date and is Now Coming To Xbox 360 and Not Just the PlayStation 3 and 4

The new UI interface makes the games seem more easier for some reason.
The new UI interface makes the games seem more easier for some reason.

Blizzard Entertainment have announced that it’s bringing Diablo III to the Xbox 360 and not just the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. A release date has also now been revealed for the release of the game on current generation consoles.

Players who pre-order the game from certain retailers will get a free in-game item, the Infernal Helm. It will provide an experience bonus to any character who equips it which I am not sure whether it will ultimately be very useful.


Diablo III PlayStation 4 Trailer.

It is good that Diablo III is coming to the Xbox 360 now after all the rumors so I wont be surprised to see it on the Xbox One sometime in the future. However so much for the big exclusive from Sony Computer Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment. Why bother inviting Blizzard Entertainment to your new console reveal for that? After the initial shock, Diablo III is still an old game and it turns out to not be that exclusive after all, unless it’s an exclusive for the next generation consoles. If that’s the case then Sony and Blizzard need to try a bit harder.

The main problem with Diablo III on a console is how will the online play work, will you have to always play online like on the PC? and will mouse and keyboard translate well to the controller? My guess is it probably will for both.

Diablo III will be arriving on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 3rd September.

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