Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta is Available and Also Three New Gameplay Trailers

Its important to keep warm and away from blizzards. Both things some have forgot.
It’s important to keep warm and away from blizzards.

Video game developers Relic Entertainment and publisher Sega have released the open beta for Company of Heroes 2 on Wednesday. This will allow players to try out the multiplayer and customising modes free for two weeks until the game release later this month.

The open beta provides players with six maps and will allow players to get up to rank level 45 which includes Intel Bulletins (small buffs for various units). All rank progression will carry on over to the full game, if you purchase the game within sixty days of the June release date.


Company of Heroes 2: The Price of Victory Trailer.

Company of Heroes 2: Above the Battlefield Trailer.

Company of Heroes 2: More than Tanks Trailer.

Greg Wilson game’s producer said: “We have been working hard since the Closed Beta balancing and improving all areas of the game as well as adding new matchmaking servers. COH2 has had one of the most successful Beta programs we’ve ever run at Relic and the support of the fans has been a critical factor in making the game more balanced and stable for launch.”

To play the beta you just need to have Steam and download the game from its Steam store page here.

I was a big fan of the first Company of Heroes game and its expansion and played both for more than 100 hours at least (a lot more). I never played all the single player campaigns through to completion as the multiplayer modes were so good. I mostly played co-op multiplayer against computer bots and it was great fun and was a breath of fresh air from the usual way strategy games were made and it helps that I am a big fan of history and especially World War II games. Company of Heroes 2 looks to keep what made the orignal game so good and build upon in some cool new ways and I like the new things they have added such as trackable footprints and bonfires. I recommend people try out Company of Heroes 2 for free while they still can.

Company of Heroes 2 should be out on 25th June for PC.

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