New Crusader Kings II DLC for the Next Two Years

Soon you too
You got to love the nicknames the various characters have and can get.

Following on from the recent success of the Old Gods DLC, video game publishers Paradox Interactive and developers Paradox Development Studios have mentioned on Monday that Crusader Kings II and its related DLC is doing very well and players should expect official support with DLC and patches to last at least another two years.

Paradox Interactive Studio Manager John Anderson said: “keeps doing better and better.. Old Gods breaks all records! And we just finished plans for 2 more years of expansions“.

This news is fantastic for people like me and the rest of the fans of Crusader Kings II, you are really getting your money worth. Crusader Kings II is already about a year and half old so you can’t accuse Paradox Interactive for not supporting the game with new content and patches and the developers themselves have compared their game to a mini MMO which seems suitable. Plenty of hints have been made about what may be next DLC to come but the possibilities are nearly countless so expect some exciting new additions for the next two years.

The Old Gods DLC was released recently and is the fifth official DLC expansion but the modding community has been making various of their own expansions based on the worlds that feature Westeros and Tamriel. I would like to see more official support given to mod makers for example making them available on the Steam Workshop or official expanded upon.

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