Prison Architect Alpha 10 Update and Video are Available

Still better than most of the current prisons in Syria.
Still better than most of the current prisons in Syria.

Introversion the developers of Prison Architect have released an another update to their prison simulation game. This time they added some Steam Workshop support, a new anger model, some new Emergency services and much more cool new features and bug fixes.


Prison Architect Alpha 10.

From “Our most significant change to the game itself comes in the form of an entirely new anger model. We have fundamentally changed the way prisoners get angry and express their anger through violence. Conceptually there is now a prison-wide “Thermometer”, which represents the overall danger level of your prison. It increases over time when you have a lot of angry prisoners (ie their needs are not met). Conversely, when prisoners feel they are well treated they will decrease the overall danger level of the prison. Over time as the anger level rises, more and more prisoners will start to kick off. Other factors affect this danger level as well – punishing a lot of prisoners acts as a deterrent, decreasing the danger level. Riot police on site act as an antagoniser, increasing the danger level. You can see all of this in the status bar at the top of the screen.”

“We are continuously blown away by some of the prisons our community build. Layouts that we’d never considered, or packing an entire jail into 12×12 squares, or nightmarish concrete hellholes. Now you can share your best prisons with the rest of the world via the Steam Workshop. From the main menu in game you can access our workshop integration, and from there you can publish your prison, or play other peoples prisons at the click of a button. To browse the full list of published prisons click on “Open Steam Workshop”, and you’ll see the Steam Overlay popup with thumbnails of each jail. Click on the green plus to subscribe to a prison, and from then on it will show up in your game list as a playable prison. If the original author updates his prison you will get those updates automatically via steam workshop. We’d like to encourage you all to publish your best prisons – we really want to see what you’ve built with our game.”

Alpha 10 Update Notes:

  • Steam Workshop.
  • Linux.
  • New anger model.
  • Factors affecting the danger level of your prison:
    – (increase) prisoners angry that their needs are not being met.
    – (increase) prisoners locked up for no reason.
    – (increase) riot police on site.
    – (increase) fight / riot occurring nearby.
    – (increase) recent death.
    – (decrease) prisoners who feel they are well treated (all needs met).
    – (decrease) guards stationed in the area.
    – (decrease) recent punishments (deterrent).
  • Rioting.
  • New Emergency services: Riot police, Paramedics.
  • Incident markers.
  • Laundry continued:
    – Prisoner uniforms now come out of the laundry machines crumpled.
    – Prisoners will now change into their clean uniforms.
    – Prisoners will now get undressed when close to the shower.
    – Fixed: Multiple laundry baskets were being sent to a single sector.
    – Fixed: Not enough prisoner uniforms are delivered to the prison.
    – Fixed: Laundry baskets would sometimes render a vertical stripe.
  • New audio work.

More detailed patch notes can be read here.

Like the recently updated game Don’t Starve, I haven’t actually got around to playing Prison Architect yet. However I have been following the game over its developement and like previous Introversion Software games is looking visually unique and its gameplay mechanics are well though out and look fun to play with. I am a big fan of Introversion Software previous games so I will likely get around to playing this game sometime, Uplink and DEFCON are the highlights so far. Maybe I will posts some of my Guantanamo style (not really) prisons in the future.

Prison Architect is still in alpha so expect the game to change and get new things added in the months to come. Prison Architect has limitless potential even if it is just about making and maintaining a prison.

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