Gunpoint Release date, Demo and Pre-orders are Now Available. Also Old Gadget Trailer

Save me Neo!
Save me Neo!

Suspicious Developments the developer of Gunpoint have announced a release date recently for the game and have made a Gunpoint demo to give you a chance to experience some of the game’s levels and gameplay mechanics. Gunpoint is also available for pre-order and will be cheaper until a week after release.


Gunpoint Gadget Trailer.

Pre-orders are currently available for Gunpoint via Steam and the Gunpoint website, they come in a variety of editions. The best and most expensive being the Gunpoint Exclusive Edition which includes the game, soundtrack, developer commentary, early prototype builds, a making of video, exclusive music tracks and beta access to future games. All the various versions have slight discounted which will last until the 1oth June.

Gunpoint developer Tom Francis said: “I’ve been working on Gunpoint for three years, and it could be a turning point in my life. If it does well enough, I will quit my job to become a full-time game developer. I could make more games like this, hopefully better and more quickly. This would be amazing. Gunpoint is not really a mass-market thing, but I’ve noticed that it just clicks with some people. If those people are happy to support it in exchange for a few extras, Gunpoint could succeed because of passionate players, rather than just a very large number of players. This would be amazing.”

Gunpoint is looking like a quite a good indie game and its gameplay and ideas are quite unique. I will be interested in trying out the demo more and most likely will buy the game in the future at some point. If you aren’t sure whether you will like the game I would recommend trying out the demo to be on the safe side but it seems that it will deliver what the developers promised.

Gunpoint will be out on PC on the 3rd June.

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