Don’t Starve: 21st to 23rd May Update (Underground)

Light is your best friend underground.
Light is your best friend underground.

Klei Entertainment the developers of Don’t Starve have updated their game once again with some cool new features. This time they have started work on adding an underground level to the Don’t Starve world which will be expanded upon but some of it is now available to explore.

From “Ever wonder what’s going on below Wilson’s feet? Wonder no more! This is the first in a series of updates to create a new explorable game area underground. While there are plenty of fun things to find and experiment with down there, please keep in mind that this is just an early version of our overall vision for the caves. As such, it’s a bit sparse, and you may encounter bugs. We’ll be fixing things and adding new monsters, objects, and mechanics down there for 3-4 more updates.”


Don’t Starve Underground Trailer.

21st to 23rd May Updates

21st May (78071):

  • We’ve added the first pass of the new caves biome. I won’t spoil anything by telling you what’s down there. You should be able to find one cave entrance somewhere on survival maps generated post-launch but before this update. Newly generated maps will have a handful of different entrances, all leading to different caves.
  • Shift-click moves items between open containers. Ctrl-Shift-click manipulates stacks in the same way
  • Abigail and Chester no longer trigger traps.
  • Hammering is a RMB action.
  • Bush hat hide is an RMB toolbar action.

22nd May (78176):

  • Snow shows up on the ground again.
  • Koalefant doesn’t disappear forever if you visit the caves.
  • Fix for corrupt save issue in “Two Worlds”.
  • Bees go home in winter.
  • Pickables don’t regrow in winter.
  • Fix for empty birdcage crashes.
  • Fix for slurtlehole quake and death crash.
  • Fix for translations on linux/osx.

23rd May (78281):

  • Fixed opengl crash when going into caves in windowed mode.
  • Mixed missing phonograph.
  • Fixed wall health not serializing properly.
  • fixed burnable pickable save and quit exploit.
  • fixed rare crash with mines.
  • Smallbirds will still be your friend if you save and reload.
  • Remove buildable cave turfs (they were a debug thing that got checked in by accident).

I haven’t actually got around to playing Don’t Starve yet but I have been following it over its developement and its similar to Minecraft in tone and in the way it’s constantly updated but Don’t Starve is a good game in its own right and has a lot of what Minecraft lacks. For example Don’t Starve is more punishing with games ending eventually while in Minecraft even on the hardest setting you can basically play for ever. Another thing that is different from Don’t Starve to Minecraft is that in Don’t Starve there is more of a noticeably progression, with it easier to see what you need and what you should be aiming for next while in Minecraft if you are new to the game the achievements system isn’t that helpful in giving you a sense of what you should be doing.

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