Crusader Kings II Patch 1.07 and 1.08 are Now Available

Not all things are bad then.
Not all things are bad then.

Paradox Interactive excellent strategy game Crusader Kings II has been updated with a ton of new additions, bug fixes and performance improvements. These patches have been around for a while but I think they only just got added to the Steam version of Crusader Kings II yesterday.

More detailed patch notes can be read here.

Patch 1.08:


  • Added Nahua culture and Aztec religion.


  • Retinues no longer get free leaders.
  • Liege levies raised via the province view are now raised in the selected province.
  • You can now forbid your council from leading armies.
  • Optimized succession calculation, which could cause massive slowdowns in big dynasties with many landed members.
  • Intrigue plots vs barons or their courtiers can now include their liege’s courtiers and other vassals.
  • Fixed Scottish Schiltron building giving 10x defensive bonus to pikes…

Patch 1.07b:


  • Fixed an issue with broken portraits and other graphics on certain older graphics cards.
  • Fixed a bug with Claimant Faction wars becoming invalid in Elective Realms.
  • Fixed a bug where various Dynasty variables would not be correctly reset on resign, which could even cause crashes.
  • Fixed the initial tech levels in the Nestorian and Miaphysite provinces.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the religion view that could happen when your ruler’s religion changed.
  • Fixed a bug with Gavelkind succession in Empires where the holder also had many kingdoms…

Patch 1.07:


  • Faction System.
  • Characters can have both a Plot and an Ambition.
  • Retinue System support for the Legacy of Rome DLC.
  • Orthodox and related religions have Autocephalous Patriarchs and the Pentarchy.
  • Rebalanced Combat, with more focus on leaders and their traits. More leader traits.
  • Liege levies. You only raise levies from your direct vassals, and they are not directly connected to Holdings.
  • A number of self improvement Ambitions for characters.
  • New religions: Miaphysite, Nestorian, Monothelite.
  • Two new Bookmarks: The Alexiad and The Latin Empire.
  • AI: Improved military AI.
  • Major speed optimizations.
  • Greatly reduced graphics memory load.
  • Plugged some memory leaks.
  • New events for characters with the lunatic trait.
  • Spymaster’s Discover Plots job has been renamed to Scheme, and now also affects faction membership.
  • New icons added to all decisions.


  • Launcher now remembers DLC and Mod settings.
  • Very large savegames can now be sent to clients in multiplayer.
  • Now always allowed to move capital back to the traditional capital of your primary title (even if you’ve moved capital once already).
  • You now always need at least two kingdom titles to create an Empire.
  • Fixed several bugs with Gavelkind and Primogeniture succession.
  • Fixed some issues with the Supply Limit and attrition rules…

I have been playing Crusader Kings II quite a lot recently and its a lot of fun. I been meaning to buy it but I wanted them to fix the game more and add some new stuff before diving into it. The current sale on Steam (just over two hours left) was a perfect time for me to get it. So I bought Crusader Kings II and the seventeen pieces of DLC all together. I also bought the Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion DLC which isn’t listed for some reason maybe because its strays of the historical path.

Crusader Kings II is a good game, I highly recommend it.

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