Try Rift: Storm Legion for Free This Weekend

The Storm Legion for free.
The Storm Legion for free.

Trion Worlds the developers of Rift: Planes of Telara have announced that with the recent release of the Storm Legion expansion they will be allowing former players free access to all the latest content between 14th December and 18th December.

This offer will be made available with the latest game update 2.1: Endless Eclipse which should be out soon.

Trion Worlds said “former subscribers can dive deep into Storm Legion with no restrictions, while anyone, including RIFT Lite players, can celebrate a huge new Fae Yule World Event and build in private or public, personal or guild Dimensions.”

I played Rift when it first came out and got to the games max level at the time (level 50) and it was fun. However I haven’t played it at all since. The problem is that it requires a subscription fee and I already play and pay for World of WArcraft and enjoy playing that game for a few months at a time and then stopping for a bit so I am not going to pay for both. If World of Warcraft didn’t exist maybe I would play it more but the way it is now, both games play to similar for it to be worth it.

Rift is a good game in its own right thought and I might try out its free trial this weekend.