Hotline Miami 2 Has Been Announced

A new Colonel Sanders promotional campagne didnt end well.
A new Colonel Sanders promotional campaign didn’t end well.

Hotline Miami creator Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström the other today confirmed a sequel to the excellent mask ’em up game is in development.

Jonatan Söderström said on Twitter: “Working while listening to the sweet tunes of a preliminary Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack that we’ve put together during the weekend”

Apparently the planned DLC for the first game had become too large so they decided to make a new game. Sort of pointless buying the first game now then seeing as the sequel is likely to be a lot better.

Jonatan Söderström also said: “We’ve barely begun working on it though, still got things we need to patch with the first game, so that’s the main priority right now”

Hotline Miami came out last month for PC.

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