0x10c Might Require a Subscription Fee

Even in space computers don't work proberly.
Even in space computers don’t work properly.

Markus “Notch” Persson’s the creator of Minecraft has said in a recent interview withy PC Gamer that he’s new game 0x10c that the game may charge players a regular subscription fee.

Apparently the subscription fee is so the company can make money from the game. However all form of micro transactions will be looked at such as a free-to-play model. Whatever the final model Mojang are aiming game the game to be fair for all players. Something that many companies fail to do so I will be interested to see if they succeed in this area.

I do find it kind of curious that with the success of Minecraft and that games business model that they would try an MMO approach when the current MMO business models are very ropey at the moment. If it does have a one of the current MMO business models I know I won’t be playing it, unless its worth the cost that is and most games these days aren’t.

Source: Markus Persson’s interview with PC Gamer.

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