RuneScape God Wars Graphical Update is Now Available. Also Patch Notes for 05/09/2012

Remaster the God War masters.

I have been playing RuneScape quite a bit these days and they have released more of their graphical rework for the game. Everything related to the God Wars Dungeon from NPCs, items and monsters have been upgraded for todays modern standards. Also all “The entire human base model set has been updated” which looks pretty good by the way and shows how far the game has come over the last eleven years.

From “Almost every NPC in the dungeon has been reworked to look like the stalwart eternal warrior that they are, including some particularly fine work on the bosses. Check out Kree’arra’s razor-sharp battle wings, or General Graardor’s never-brawnier physique. It’s not just the denizens of the dungeon who’re looking bad-to-the-bone. Pernix and Virtus armour, the zaryte bow, the Zamorak spear, and the steam battlestaff all have visual upgrades, and all four versions of the Godsword now have a legendary new look.”

Main highlights:

  • New pieces for the Torva, Pernix, Virtus, Bandos and Armadyl sets.
  • New best-in-slot amulets for melee, magic and ranged users and the robes of subjugation.
  • Tomes now available as drops from every boss in the dungeon.
  • The entire human base model set has been updated to use the same version as in the Evolution of Combat Beta.

Bug fixes

  • K’ril Tsutsaroth’s attack damage is now split across players in close vicinity to each other;
  • Nex is now tougher than ever, with improved path-finding and the ability to reflect ranged damage to her attackers, seen in the Evolution of Combat Beta.
  • No longer any need to bring rope or mithril grapples.


Behind the Scenes 16: God Wars – The Art of War.

How to Access the God Wars Dungeon

Traverse Trollheim and locate the entrance to the dungeon, just to the north.


  • You must have defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest.
  • 60 Strength or 60 Agility
  • Each god’s section has a separate entry requirement:
    – Saradomin: 70 Agility.
    – Armadyl: 70 Ranged.
    – Zamorak: 700 life points.
    – Bandos: 70 Strength.

This is extremely dangerous high-level content, featuring multi-way combat against some of the deadliest monsters in RuneScape. A high combat level is a must, and you should bring the most powerful equipment that you can afford to lose.

Patch Notes for 05/09/2012


  • Dororan is now using an updated dwarf model and set of anims.
  • Swimming to a rock on Baxtorian Falls is now using a non-broken animation.

Quests & Tasks

  • The map hint for the beginning of Grim Tales has been updated with the new location post-Troll Warzone.
  • Karamja gloves 4 now give double damage against Wild dogs all over the Brimhaven dungeon.

Skills & Minigames

  • The Big Chinchompa minigame now more reliably checks if a player’s score exceeds 1111 for the Completionist cape.
  • It is no longer possible to gain multiple copies of Hybrid armour from one reward-giving interface.
  • Players can no longer get ingots outside of the Artisan’s Workshop.


  • The Clan Avatar buff range checks now work more reliably.
  • Wind Rush can now be cast when a Clan Avatar is following a player.
  • The “Ghastly Attack” scroll has been renamed to “Ghastly Request”, in line with several other places in game.
  • Crafting Dramen branches no longer delays combat rounds.
  • The Bank Help interface has been altered to prevent some text lining up to make it look like a typo.
  • Typing “//” followed by lots of characters in a private message no longer causes disconnection.
  • A missing space has been added to the Invigorate aura examine information.
  • A typo in Tarn’s diary has been corrected.

That should keep old RuneScape players busy for a day at least. There like drug users with the munchies.

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