Developers will Now Need to Pay $100 to Get Listed on Steam Greenlight

Meanwhile at Valve Corporation Head Quarters.

In a perfect demonstration of how a few can ruin something for everyone else, Steam Greenlight the service on Steam that allow users to list games and decide whether games get published on Steam will now require developers to pay a $100 (£62.87) admission fee. The fee will go straight to charity. In this case it goes to the industries default charity, Child’s Play. What a surprise?

The admission fee has been put in place to “cut down on the noise” of joke submissions. “We have no interest in making money from Steam Greenlight” Alden Kroll said in on a post on the Steam Greenlight page.

Valve Corporation has also updated Steam Greenlight to help users filter the kind of games that want to see more easily. However its still a long way away from where the service should be at.

I have made a collection page with the best Steam Greenlight games on it. So you don’t have to worry your pretty brains over what to vote for.

You can see my King Toko’s Best of The Best page here:

Visit my King Toko’s Best of The Best collection page and show your support to me and the various developers involved.

Like I said before as the whole Steam Greenlight service has many implications for developers and video gamers. I might give my opinions on it sometime. This posts picture which I have done might give you some indication of what it might be like.

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6 thoughts on “Developers will Now Need to Pay $100 to Get Listed on Steam Greenlight

  1. Sigh, why do the few always have to ruin it for the many; do they not have anything better to do. That fee will deffinatley make it more risky when Indie’s are considering to submit to greenlight now. I suppose if you really have a gem up your sleeve and a good following though it’s worth a shot. I’ll check out your best of best page.

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