Animal Crossing: Jump Out Available Early Next Year

Yay! Suicide jumping.

Nintendo of America has confirmed that the release of Animal Crossing: Jump Out for the 3DS will happen early next year in North America with the game coming out in Japan later this year. An Europe release hasn’t been mentioned yet.


  • The player is now mayor of their town and has a personal secretary.
  • The player can purchase items such as bridges and benches. These can be placed anywhere around the town.
  • The police station returns.
  • The train station returns.
  • Villagers can now shop.
  • The player can design clothes and share them via QR codes.
  • The player can, in addition to changing their hats and shirts and may also change their pants and shoes.
  • Tom Nook now sells exterior house designs.
  • Certain furniture can be placed on walls.

The last time I played Animal Crossing was Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS and it was great. I havent played it so long my town is probably all over grown and everyone is dead. It will probably be similar to the city scenes of the film I Am Legend.

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